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Random Death

So, now and again, when I'm playing in a stage that has multiple battles (I know, most of them...) I'll be in the transition to the next part of the stage, and as soon as my team starts walking forward, their life bars deplete, and when the next segment starts, it says I was defeated. When I get to the main map area, they are all alive. If I start the stage again, I can make as many matches as I want, but turn won't move to the next player. So in the case of my team, the turns usually go Finn, Jake, Gunter, then opponent's team. But after I randomly die, when I start the stage, the opponent takes no damage, but I can match anything I want. It won't move past Finn. After that, I have to force quit the game and start again. This most recent time, it lost me my treasure chest that I had collected before the glitch happened. Not super concerning, but more annoying since I've noticed that the chests come a little less frequently since the 9/11 update.

Anyone else having this issue, or am I the only lucky one?


  • I have a very similar issue. You are not alone.
  • Exact same issue here
  • Still happening here too.

    It happened in the tourney yesterday, and now it won't let me play in it. I get an error message that I don't have any living players but I've got 6 very much alive players in my roster.

    So frustrating!
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