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I'm just going to do a big list here for you. I'm happy to answer questions if the devs want to know anything.
  • The touch sensitivity for the game board is EXTREMELY oversensitive. I have never played a swipe/match game with this level of oversensitivity. I swipe left and it reads it as up about a third of the time. I swipe down and it reads it as right about a third of the time. I tap and it reads it as a swipe. I swipe and it reads it as a tap. It's frustrating and needs to be the first thing fixed to improve playability.
  • After a character has been hit with a sleep effect, even after the effect is removed, the Zzz animation may remain above their head from battle to battle in the future.
  • In tournaments, the Party/Food/Equip buttons do not always work. Tapping around from button to button can be necessary until they start to work. The buttons will usually appear to have been depressed, so the UI is picking up that a tap occurred, but no screen changes happen.
  • The sparkle animation for the Wishes button will sometimes remain on the screen through battles.
  • I'm getting back more than 6000 magic dust from wishes as I'm spending when I buy the 15-pack of bronze characters for 6000. This allows me to sell off the characters I don't want and do it over and over. I don't think this is intentional.
  • When selling characters from the recruits section, it takes about 20-25 seconds to process each sale. This is regardless of how many characters are in the list. If I have one character, it still takes as long as if I have 30 characters in the list.
  • When selling characters from the recruits section, it will eventually get a connection error and crash out of the game after about 20 or so recruits.
  • Sometimes a match will hang upon entering. The board will start to load and reach varying levels of loading before it hangs. I have to force close the app and re-enter. Sometimes it will keep doing it until I enter a different quest or a tournament instead.
  • After making a move in a match, sometimes the game will not process the match for about 20-30 seconds and just sit there before applying the damage.
  • In the Wishes section, the right arrow button to move between Land of Ooo, Heroes, and Misfits will only work about 50% of the time. It will show as being depressed, but the screen will not switch.
  • After a defeat, characters are not always showing as in need of revival and can sometimes be added back to your party immediately at full health.
  • Sometimes upon entering a tournament, I see an error stating that I don't have enough live characters to play, even though I have several available characters. Re-entering the tournament works.

Partial Game Info (player ID and device ID removed):
Device Info:
Model: samsung SM-G900V
OS: Android OS 5.0 / API-21


  • David [Hi-Fi] MooreDavid [Hi-Fi] Moore Age Unconfirmed Posts: 2,872 Site Admin
    Hi Roraborealis,

    Thanks for the report. Most of these are known issues and many have already been fixed in the new update. The update is just about ready to go and is currently awaiting third-party approvals.

    Thanks for playing. Many improvements are on the way!
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