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  • So, I have now lost sight of the back end, but there are currently at least 2475 players.
  • My biggest hope at this point is that this peels off enough players from Army of One that I can finish in the top five this time - I'm at 3/3/1 on my Patch and I need some yellow covers.
  • I definitely have the right team leveled properly to do well in this with a lvl 120 Hulk and lvl 141 GSBW and 141 Spidey. I also have the iso to level Hulk to 130 if I wanted to. But the state of matchmaking makes me very very wary of entering this even though I could break more than even the thought of getting caught on an MMR island when I've paid something to enter would be infuriating. Assuming that the matchmaking is the same as what I'm seeing in Army of One there is no way I would enter this for that simple reason.

    It keeps falling into the category that the devs have to show me unequivocally that they have fixed matchmaking before I would ever spend a dime on any pay to play tournament. Today they have not shown me that.

    Because of that I am a little hopeful that this turns into the matchmaking disaster I think it will become. It is easy to ignore those who complain about things for free it will be less easy to ignore players who paid $3 and still get caught on MMR Island.

    I'm watching from the sidelines but I sort of expect I'm watching two trains heading in conflicting directions on the same track. When they collide in a couple of days there is going to be a lot of wreckage I think.

    Let's all go play together... in the bright sunny weather.. let's all.go.to M.MMR island. M.MMR island. M.MMR. GULLA GULLA!

    I suspect thereck and other suspected "cheats" will win top placement in this and so the only real reward available will be something like 5 onward. I feel if I am lucky I might make 200 hp. I could make that in a normal tournement but also get actual covers. This is just a (not so) sneaky way to try and get ppl to be paying for heroic tokens and/or take some of the hp out of the economy of the game. Everyone who enters basically bought a heroic token for full price (300 hp). Top 100 basically wins just the progress rewards from normal tournements (we get token as progress rewards in almost all tournements). Top few places have a reason to play for but I already know I have a 0% chance of first place in an unbracketed PvP f*** fest of a tournement that basically hogties 95% of the entrants and forces them into running thor/wolvie/Spiderman of some lvl and will likely see too many iffy players to have much of a shot in.

    @jozie..that's all mental. Having no progress rewards is bad...all bad..nothing else to it. Anyone who has ever said "its better with no progress rewards" is either just frustrated or the type of person who would rather they themselves have nothing as long as it means the guy next to them has nothing too. In other words...a d-bag.

    I knew it would be a disappointment though :/ didn't want to believe myself but I knew it wouldn't be something fun cool or exciting. Sigh...

    @Ben ...yea, my hope...but I doubt it as due to shields there is lots of down time...it won't be hard to do each at diff times.
  • Top 100 would be ok for most people - 500Hp = 300HP entry fee + maybe 200HP on shield
    plus 2000iso and 3 heroic

    For me top 100 would be 500HP -300HP - 100HP on shield + 2000iso + at least 125iso (from covers)*3
    Strange math ...

    I believe that winner of this event would be someone who we don't know, not a forum guy and also not a jacobpc or thereck (if those 2 will win this would be very suspicious)

    PS: I think that I predicted paying HP for tournaments in my sarcastic past post...
  • You probably won't need to waste a shield on anything less than top 20 or so.
  • Also, kind of funny to see most of the top 15 shielded already. Tournament still has over 48 hours left in it. I'm not going to bother shielding anywhere outside the last day.

    But it does appear to be for sure that shielded individuals are removed from the MMR pool - as one of the highest unshielded teams, I can't find anybody near my point total.
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    jacobpc soon tooks the lead icon_e_smile.gif edit: he is first now
  • Everyone seems to like the idea of the tourney. Most would prefer the ISO>hp but nothing to get mad about there really. I think the fee is unnecessary but reasonable. They prolly had to put a ton of hours into its design and just trying to recoup a lil of the expense. I bet if the entry fee for the next tourney was 200hp and the hp/ISO was slightly more balanced that the complaints would prolly go down like 75%.
  • turul wrote:
    jacobpc soon tooks the lead icon_e_smile.gif edit: he is first now

    I also saw thereck on about ~75 place. We will see
  • Note to those that didn't realize: Because this is not a bracketed event, there is no price for spectating. Just check Event Rewards,Top Ranked.
  • I think a better side game would be to let users wager HP on who they think will win. icon_e_biggrin.gif

    At least something fun could come out of this tournament.
  • Hehe. I just checked jacobpc progress. First two could be little different bcos I am drunk but

    554 to 567 in about minute
    567 to 584 in about 45 seconds
    584 to 598 in one minute

    I think we got a winner hehe ...
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    Polkio wrote:
    Hehe. I just chacked jacobpc progress. First two could be little different bcos I am drunk but

    554 to 567 in about minute
    567 to 584 in about 45 seconds
    584 to 598 in one minute

    I think we got a winner hehe ...

    Yeahhhh. Devs really need to step up on this soon. If these tournaments are just going to be won by hackers, it taints the whole thing.

    Jacobpc and thereck are just the obvious ones, too. I'm sure there are plenty more out there.
  • Like I suspected in one topic

    Frame rate issue : viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2614
  • I'm probably going to sit this one out. I had to spend too much on shields during Army of One and don't have 300 HP kicking around :S
  • Meh I was enjoying this tourney but now that a cheater (jacobpc) has guaranteed first place, it's not as fun.

    Shame the devs won't do something about him, he's been complained about for weeks.
  • The speed at which he climbed up to the top alone is suspect. He gained about 300 points in half an hour. Come on!
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    Polkio wrote:
    Like I suspected in one topic

    Frame rate issue : viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2614

    I think that refers to the "lag" issue.
  • I disagree with the comment on the devs. An elite training is definitely a top 5 request.

    Yep, one that sits in the prologue and is free. Not his kind that has nothing to do with 'training' or whatever.
  • tfw sub 90 spiderman, army of one with non maxed punisher, no more tank teams, and a pve event that takes a long time to prep. Im also getting handed to me in scottland yard and my main bracket. also midterms