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  • CymminaCymmina Posts: 413 Mover and Shaker
    I remember when Ragnarok was gutted, but I wasn't impacted by it because I was still in 2* land. Same goes for most of those other 3* changes (I wasn't even aware that Sentry was overpowered or that he got nerfed as a result).

    You could argue that a lot of those changes were necessary, they just went too far. Neutering Wolverine's (2*) Healing Factor was completely unnecessary. If you read the patch notes, the only justification they give is that he did too good of a job at tanking (and lol @ "use a tank like Colossus". there aren't any 2* tanks, just characters with bigger HP pools). What you're not seeing in those patch notes is that Patch had already been released about a month or two prior to this change and his Healing Factor was pretty much identical. Daken's Healing & Heat ends up 50x better than his father's Healing Factor (2*), and H&H has a minor risk to it (I've had Daken "Heat" himself to death a couple times when he was already low on health).
  • AidonisAidonis Age Unconfirmed Posts: 87 Match Maker
    The correct answer here is the original Rags nerf. He was the only character I can recall where the ai was capable of exploiting his powers. There was nothing worse than staring at my tablet watching 2 minutes of Rags thunderclapping and godlike powering my team to death.

    It's one thing to do it to the's infuriating when it's doing it to you!
  • As someone who has been playing since before the original Rags nerf, I have to give my vote to the Sentry neutering.

    Sure Rags was overpowered, a beast on offence and defense (fun to play with, terrible to play against), and sure he dominated PVP during his heyday, but Sentry literally changed the PVP metagame. Rags was powerful, but Rags couldn't win you a fight in 30 seconds like Sentry could.

    In the Sentry glory days, if you weren't shield-hopping and Sentry bombing, good luck consisting staying past a thousand points. Good luck getting meaningful cover awards (especially with X-Men hitting ridiculous highs with their scores). And if you didn't have a Sentry, well, good luck fighting that wall of 166 Sentry/Hoods that appeared once you went past 600 points (sure you may eventually beat a Sentry centered roster, but it's going to take you a while, leaving you open to attacks, and leaving your roster pretty crippled at the end). Sentry/Hood was ubiquitous and completely terrible for roster variety - those with a playable Sentry played with Sentry, and those without just pretended at being competitive in PVP.

    To this date, there has not been another combo as lethal and effective as Sentry/Hood. Now Sentry is a useless tank, worth more for Iso (or HP if you were lucky enough to sell during the nerf) than for any real utility on a competitive roster.
  • The X-Force nerf was absolutely ridiculous. He had a few fantastic aspects to his power set that may have made him overpowered but rather than nerfing one.....they nerfed almost everything good about him.

    The damage inflicted by green was significantly reduced on the basis that it tends to cause cascades (more for the AI than for us)

    and then the black. Oh my goodness. Not only does it not drain the A.I's AP of their strongest colour but it also doesn't generate AP for you either! It would have been much better to just nerf one of those traits (i.e. let it drain THEIR AP but not increase ur own or vice versa)

    I can totally understand the Sentry nerf because he was a 3 star acting like a 4* sometimes but to so significantly crapify a 4* which (I for one) invested a **** load of time and money levelling up is just a slap in the face.

    Its stuff like this that makes me wonder why I even carry on playing. I invested all that time/money so I could notch up some easy wins (as it should be with a fully maxed out 4* character against a lesser team). Now however I have maxed out Wolverine, almost maxed out Elektra and still get my **** handed to me by sub-par teams.

    Doesn't add up!
  • I went with Ragnorak because he went from being insanely good to totally horrible. A lot of the nerfs SEEMED that way at the time, especially OBW in my experience, but time proved the characters were still viable in most cases. Ragnorak not so much. I never bothered levelling him when I had extra ISO, instead I bought common packs with it. COMMON PACKS. That's how little I cared about Rags. I'm glad they finally buffed the poor guy, I couldn't help but pity him.

    As to the discussion on nerfing - yeah, sometimes you just gotta do it. Sentry was just stupid. I'm so glad they nerfed him because he made the game actively less fun for me. Other nerfs confused me, like Hood's. Yeah he was really good, but broken good? I don't know. But I accept that I'm biased since he's one of my main chars.

    Sometimes people rage quit over nerfs but so what. Having stupid over-powered chars just discourages new people and people who like to play around and enjoy trying out different strats. As long as the nerfs are carefully considered, which I think (hope) they are, then they're just a necessary evil. Buffing every character to Sentry's level would have just been ridiculous - I can't even imagine the chaos. Maybe next April Fools. icon_e_biggrin.gif

    P.S. My other two votes were Sentry and Spidey, both huge falls from grace.

    P.P.S. If you can't win with Xforce and Elektra, I don't think that's the games fault.
  • SkunktrainSkunktrain Posts: 15 Just Dropped In
    Why was CStorm even in consideration? She's still really good for a 2*.
  • TLCstormzTLCstormz Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,668
    Hasn't Classic Storm been nerfed THE MOST?

    Be it directly (Tempest) or indirectly (MNMagneto nerf, denied the universal health buff, nerf to boosts, etc).
  • Omega RedOmega Red Posts: 366 Mover and Shaker
    I voted for the first Loki and Ragnarok nerfs. In the case of Ragnarok, imagine surgical strike going from 11 ap cost to 33. That is how bad it was the nerf for Ragnarok.
  • Omega RedOmega Red Posts: 366 Mover and Shaker
    Skunktrain wrote:
    Why was CStorm even in consideration? She's still really good for a 2*.

    Because back in the day all you needed to do was to put any underleveled character in front to receive a hit and your Storm would wipe out the entire enemy team with tempest.
  • hurculeshurcules Age Unconfirmed Posts: 519
    Omega Red wrote:
    Skunktrain wrote:
    Why was CStorm even in consideration? She's still really good for a 2*.

    Because back in the day all you needed to do was to put any underleveled character in front to receive a hit and your Storm would wipe out the entire enemy team with tempest.
    AND generate 5 red AP at 3 covers, 6 AP at 5 covers. Partner her with the 2AP Rag and you have yourself a team that rivals Sentry bomb.

    See this post for the original OP stat: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=333&p=2473#p2618

    And the inevitable call for her nerf: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=380
  • Original Rags nerf won't get as many votes as it was sooooo long ago, probably not long after I started the game and I've been around a while.

    The Sentry nerf was savage. When I first saw the changes I thought "well, harsh but I think he'll still be playable" but that was because I only saw the damage nerfs and didn't even notice the increased AP costs. Together they killed him stone dead. The bit that sticks in my throat with that nerf is that Sentry is incredibly powerful in the Marvel universe and got nerfed into a lower power level than The Punisher. That's like releasing Thanos and then nerfing him to Beast level proportions.
  • buffbeardobuffbeardo Age Unconfirmed Posts: 154
    Giving this a bump cus it brings back memories (good & bad lol) and provides some mpq history to new players.
  • Linkster79Linkster79 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 1,037
    Loki's change from Transmogrify to Trickery, Ragnaroks first nerf and Spidermans nerf went from making 3 characters top tier to trash. 4th on the list is Sentry's nerf. All other nerfs have left their respective characters still somewhat playable but those 4 I mentioned were just brutal and left those characters unplayable and it was only by giving Loki a third ability that allowed him to come back into the fold.
  • jimstarooneyjimstarooney Age Unconfirmed Posts: 576 Critical Contributor
    Surprised no1 has voted for daken,since after his nerf his claws were essentially reduced to this31xCo2SjsML._SX522_.jpg
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