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What is tinykitty?

veneretioveneretio Posts: 76 Match Maker
edited February 2015 in Off Topic
...and why is it used constantly? Searched forum (okay, barely searched...) and found nothing. I feel like I have a vague understanding of what it means based on the context it's always used in, but am interested in the actual story behind it.


  • GothicKratosGothicKratos Posts: 1,821 Chairperson of the Boards
    There is an automated language filter on the forums, and it changes the "bad word" to "tinykitty", so a lot of users simply use that to express their color of choice.
  • I recall a seed team, back in the early days of MPQ, whose name was:

    * tinykitty *

    When I first came onto these forums, I was wondering why everyone was talking about this person/player, not realizing that there were seed teams.
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