Found New Match Game!

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SpiritStones is a new match game to pass the time while you're in shield cool down mode. It has all the trappings of a freemium business model (very slow generation of premium in game currency), but some positives are:

1 No false expectations. You can't enter PvP right away, and when you get access, you'll get killed quick until you get better characters.
2 Character pull rate seems kind of fair. At least after playing this game.
3 you can evolve duplicate cards instead of selling them

It's not a match 3 game exactly, it's more match as many touching gems as possible to cause damage.

Disclaimer: The character art is high quality but very sexist. A selling point for some, but may turn others off.

If you decide you like it, send me a friend request in the game. My code is M7062011


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    I played this for awhile on my Kindle. Pretty fun, actually.

    Another one to eyeball would be Gems of War. It's very similar to MPQ.
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