Disable tile hints

I miss an option of disabling tile hints - they distract me especially when there is some intense fight, I'm thinking about something smart to play and all of a sudden I get this annoying match 3 hint... I started looking to switch it off in the start screen options, but it's not there apparently - only the notification reset button.


  • Unknown
    This is a great point.
    We will pass this to our developers to see if we can add this feature in the future.
  • The match 3 hint has occasionally been useful to me.

    Like, when there is only a single obscure tile combination left, and you're spending more than 5-10 seconds looking for it. In any case, you shouldn't be waiting so long before you see the best, obvious moves, so the tile hint comes in at a good time. Most times, I make my move within 3 seconds, if there are good tile combinations. If I take too long (which means there are hardly any good combinations left on the board, usually 1 left), then the hint is useful.
  • yeah, sometimes I just dunt see it...then I enjoy the hnt...
  • I agree that I like the hint, especially when its late and I'm getting tired and missing that one match that's left on the map but having an option to turn it off would be nice for those people who don't like it; no harm in that. icon_e_smile.gif