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Preface: servers down, I am bored and not exactly dying from workload, so here: which Marvel animated series do you like most? Which are mostly disappointing?
I am watching Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes atm, and it's pretty good, and Sue is pretty formidable there as she should be, and she intimidates every other member of the Four, lol. I heard Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is a very good show as well (even though it's not an animated series).


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    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes was excellent, but I can't get into Avengers Assemble

    The Spectacular Spider-Man was also excellent, Ultimate Spider-Man is more quirky but from the few episodes of season 1 I've seen it looks like fun.

    I've not seen any others, though I do have Wolverine and the X-Men on DVD as it was cheap at the local store, and one day I'll give it a try,

    Going outside the scope a little, I'm having to watch the new TMNT because Little Boy wants to share, and I don't mind because it definitely is fun. The first 3 or 4 times anyway.
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    Avengers: EMH is excellent. It's sad it got cancelled and replaced. Avengers Assemble is all right. I really liked the Lego short, Maximum Overload. It's on Netflix and I think it's somewhere else online. The 90's X-Men cartoon will always hold a place in my heart. That's what really got me into the Marvel world. Ultimate Spiderman is cool, an excellent variation. I also want to check out Hulk Agent of SMASH, but I'm hoping it'll join Spidey on Netflix.
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