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** Magneto (Marvel NOW!) ** [PRE 2015-03]



  • I like using him with spider man classic and IM40.
  • So what's the best build for this guy?

    I have a 2/4/1 so far and a blue cover in my stash. Should I go 4/5/4, or 3/5/5 for eventual optimal build?
  • jozier wrote:
    So what's the best build for this guy?

    I have a 2/4/1 so far and a blue cover in my stash. Should I go 4/5/4, or 3/5/5 for eventual optimal build?
    Depends who you use him with. His red is better than his blue, but it's not better than Thor's red. But if you use him with Spidey or c.Storm, then you'd want red. 4/5/4 provides nice versatility, but I still like 3/5/5 more because countdown.
  • I had a 5/4/4 Magneto lvl 50 and sold it to build a 3/5/5. While 5 on Iron Hammer was fun to blow up a whole board I found the tile was usually matched before it went off. I didn't realize his red generated AP and I have a 3/5/5 Spidey now. I just wish I could have respec'd as I'm now sitting with a 1/1/0 Magneto.
  • Although his red skill generating AP is nice, I would still go 4/5/4. Yes, spending 3 more AP to destroy a 5x5 block will get you more AP back in return. But I've come to hate these "slow" skills that take longer to come online. My playing style fits best with cheaper skills to get AP chaining with other characters' skills, hence 4/5/4.
  • Mageneto would be good if his high level skills didn't cost so much ap for example the blue skill cost 13 ap and is a 4 turn countdown timer not worth it, purple seem ok but still cost 9 ap which is the cheapest and the red cost 14 ap for a countdown timer. He is just too slow for too little, reminds me of x-force wolverine.
  • Agreed, seems like an interesting character but not worth bothering with.
  • Typically, whenever I have MN magneto in my group, I have the Hood in there as well. Neither are maxed level yet, however, once they are both there, Intimidation plus Mag's red will do base damage combined of 3k, not including destroyed tile damage. To me, that's not to shabby of a combination, regardless of the AP cost. Throw in the ap generation of red, and Hood as essentially an AP generator, you will be close to doing it all over again.

    Point in fact, this combo is the only combo I have been able to use the advanced enviro abilities outside of when crit + enviros were still able to be done. And this is without gunning for those environment tiles either.

    He definitely needs to be paired with someone who can feed him AP, but once he gets it, he pretty much can almost sustain himself.
  • I personally went 3/5/5

    Attacks that destroy tiles, do not generate AP, and have no additional damage, tend to deal very very little damage. The clear whole board skill would have been great for causing cascades though. If it didn't require 4 turns and so much AP for that.

    For Red, at lv 5, it costs much more. But it becomes less of a damage spam skill, and more of a profit skill. For 14 AP, you get back 25 AP the next turn. My honest opionion, Red should be at least 4 to get the countdown reduced. Rank 5 will make it less spammable though.
  • 3/5/5 is probably the best build given that his red generates some AP.

    Now that countdown tiles conclusively suck, x/x/5 is really all that's needed.

    Unfortunately, this character's only real strength is his purple now to support blue AP users.
  • edited January 2014
    He Is a reward in the no holds barred event. Along with hulk icon_e_biggrin.gif .
  • 'No holes barred' sounds like a movie I saw at a bachelor party one time.
  • PuritasPuritas Posts: 670 Critical Contributor
    I just laughed until I cried
  • I personally went 4/5/4. Yes countdown tiles suck, but it's more important to actually use the damn skill, and the extra +AP cost for blue 5/red 5 is absolutely not worth it.
  • Unity wrote:
    He Is a reward in the no holes barred event. Along with hulk icon_e_biggrin.gif .

    No holes barred? 0_o!!!
  • DayvDayv Posts: 4,449 Chairperson of the Boards
    Anybody think that with Magneto Now being a featured prize in the No (ahem) Holds Barred tournament, we might see him boosted in an event soon? I'd love to see an X-Men focused event to introduce one (or more) new characters.
  • Id like to see magneto boosted in general, also I would like to see some more x-men and events featuring them.
  • I was going to level up this guy but then I by the time I actually had enough of him from random pulls, I was already maxed my thor/wolverine/storm 2* team, and working on my 3* team. And at that point it didn't make sense to put ISO into him anymore.

    I think that is the problem with all the non-campaign based 2*s. You get pretty good ones from the campaign and by the time you get enough of these other random ones, you're already thinking past 2*s.
  • Nighthawk81Nighthawk81 Age Unconfirmed Posts: 166 Tile Toppler
    New to the game and boards here. If I already have Classic Magneto 3* level 15, should I waste a spot on Marvel NOW Magneto 2* level 6?
  • Jdberia wrote:
    New to the game and boards here. If I already have Classic Magneto 3* level 15, should I waste a spot on Marvel NOW Magneto 2* level 6?


    You should keep every character that you can save both Mag you want to build both up later when you have more cards.
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