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  • Hello one and all!
  • And hello once again!
  • Hello, I started playing about two weeks ago.
  • Hello again, second post.
  • Third post. I'm mainly a lurker but I have a question about the game that may be user error or a bug.
  • Fourth post. The forums have been very useful, but so far I haven't found an answer to my question.
  • Fifth post. Feels very spammy to do this but ok.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    1st post. Picked up the game casually two months ago.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    2nd post. Then for the first month all I did was the pve story just to learn the play mechanics and started to get into the game.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    3rd post. After four weeks of very casually playing, I tried out the pvp tab and started my first tournament.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    4rth post. That was it . I was hocked. I then went into a crazy fiend playing every tournament and pve event to boost my 2* characters and started winning 3* characters.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    5th post. Now after 4 weeks of pvp playing, I have every 3* character but 2. Missing 3* dakken and panther, and have come in first or second in the last 3 pve events, and working on my next 1st place event for all the patch covers. Now submitted my final post on the forums, so I can hunt down a better alliance where I can contribute my points, and get some help in return, since I'm usually out performing every alliance I've joined so far.
  • Chach75Chach75 Posts: 6
    To come in first or 2nd in the pve events takes some dedication. I've had to set my alarm clock every 2:20 minutes through the night, to keep ahead of the pack. And I'm not the only one . Since there was always several people trailing me through out the events.
  • Here's my first random post. Can't wait to get full access.
  • Here's my second post. My Precious!
  • Hello again. Hopefully I'll be able to send PM's soon.
  • Post 4/5. Almost there...
  • Woohoo. 5/5 posts completed.
  • Yay posting time
  • Gotta start looking for an alliance
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