Introduce Yourself!



  • hope to get to 5 posts.
  • two more posts...
  • if any alliance has an opening... im looking for one.
  • Posting, as suggested by Admins, to get access to PMs and things icon_e_smile.gif
  • Since I am here, I am introducing myself: Wintermute, at your service
  • And this is my fifth post icon_e_smile.gif
  • Hi all. I'm new to this forum.
  • I signed up to recruit for my alliance.
  • I'm not sure why I have to make five posts before I can pm potential members....
  • I will try picking up a few people from the looking for alliance thread.
  • This makes five. I kinda feel like this was pointless
  • Hi all. My name's Patrick, but you may call me Pat.
  • I'm a stay-at-home father of a 2 year old
  • westnyy2westnyy2 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    New to the forum and game. Looking to unlock full access.
  • westnyy2westnyy2 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    Name is Randy. Been playing for about 3 months now.
  • westnyy2westnyy2 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    I recently saw Guardians of the Galaxy and was very impressed.
  • westnyy2westnyy2 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    My favorite player to use so far is CMags.
  • westnyy2westnyy2 Posts: 194 Tile Toppler
    This is five. Off to look for an alliance
  • hi folks. player name: sousuke. would've taken "conanwong" but it appears to be "taken" or something back then. been playing this since winter 2013 or something like that.
  • started playing this as a fun way to kill time from Mobage's Marvel War of Heroes. a former teammate introduced me to this painfully wonderful but slightly expensive game. seriously, buying extra cover slots is no joke.
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