Opponents with impossible amounts of Element AP

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I have had a couple of fights now where my opponenets have had impossible amounts of Element AP.

I can't remember what tournement it was in but in one case the opponent did the 240 AP attack 2 turns in a row and the system crash (the one the gives a critical token, I may have the name wrong) 4 turns in a row.

I was fighting a full team of 3 stars, do they get more element AP or something?

Sorry I can't supply much more information from a debugging point of view, but i just wanted to see if any one else had encountered this


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    this isnt a bug. if you have a char with a high base crit multiplier and high city tile damage which some 3* do, then you have them 200% buffed in a tournament they can be at 10x crit now with 10 per city tile. all they need is to have a 3 match of city/city/crit = (10 + 10) * 10 = 200 environment AP. a row of 4 would be 300 element AP.

    you can see this a lot on the containment level as just getting 40 environment ap can place a crit to gain 200 to get the cycle rolling. use it to your favor icon_razz.gif
  • And it's environment AP, not element AP.