Remove rubber banding please

This needs to be changed. Why should people that play the most get punished? If you don't plan on removing it at least implement it properly. I'm in 12th place and missions are worth 0 points. Please explain how this males any sense


  • Have you tried actually completing one even though it says zero points? I haven't seen zero, but I have seen that the points I win don't match what it said before I started. Maybe they are worth more than zero now since you're in 12th, but the client still displays the wrong score.
  • I second this request. Please just remove the rubberbanding as long as it's not working or, if it works as intended, please notice us that every week we are guinea pigs to a new rubberbanding and explain in detail how it works...the way it is now I would be glad to have the fixed values back although i'm not a grind person but it's predictable at least
  • I'm fine with them trying out different scoring methods -- I even think it's a very good idea. But I don't like the complete and utter lack of explanation about how things are supposed to work. Even the vague outlines provided previously by IceIX (Happy Thanksgiving -- glad you're spending your time with your family rather than us!) were fine. We kind of understood how rubberbanding worked in the Heroic Juggernaut tournament. We realize it was broken in Heroic Venom. But the scoring in this Red ISO-8 tournament is just... bizarre. I think sps-puzzlequest has the most sane explanation (viewtopic.php?p=10465#p10465) yet, but it's utterly inobvious.

    And I'm not yet convinced that any of the systems are better than the one in the original Red ISO-8 which simply had static points. But I understand that you are trying to come up with a system that lets late comers actually have a chance without also punishing early/frequent players.

    A more simplistic algorithm -- missions are worth X points. If you're behind, then the missions are worth up to 100% more points -- but you have to be very far behind (<50% 1st) for it to be 100% bonus. Reduce the bonus by 20% for every 10% closer you get (0-50% gets +100%, 51-60% gets +80%, 61-70% gets +60%, 71-80% gets +40%, 81-90 gets +20%, 91-100% gets +0%). The key is the minimum point value, and that the bonus points are based off of that number. It lets leaders keep being leaders if they work at it, but also lets late comers have at least some chance of getting rewards -- but not just be handed huge amounts of points.

    I think the Heroic Venom was supposed to work something like this, except the algorithm broke horribly and the scaling was far too drastic. A mission worth 15 points to the leader should never be worth 2000% of that to ANYONE (the broken bit was that it was worth that much to everyone else, not just the last place person).
  • I completely agree... im currently #12 with 250+ points behind even though I was #1 last night...I currently get 2 points per mission...I cant even catch up now.
  • I have replayed the missions even when they show that they will not award points and still get nothing. I'm all for new gameplay mechanics but like people have said they need to be explained at least.
  • This is just pointless, literally. I'm failing to understand why this game continues to reward people that put in the least amount of effort. I could grind non stop for 4 hours or I could play for 30 mins every 12 hours and get the same amount of points. The developers are mKing it so I play the game less which is great for me but I can't imagine it's good for them. Furthermore, why have a mission where IW is required when it doesn't matter if you play it or not because you can earn the same amount of points from other missions? Please go back to static points. If I want to grind to get an advantage I should be able to. What's next, giving ISO out depending on play time where players who spend an hour a day get 5000 ISO per battle and players who spend more than an hour get 20 ISO per battle?
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    Badman82 wrote:
    This needs to be changed. Why should people that play the most get punished? If you don't plan on removing it at least implement it properly. I'm in 12th place and missions are worth 0 points. Please explain how this males any sense

    Are you able to do the lvl 230 missions?
  • Yes. Currently they are worth 0 points.
  • How about this?

    Event is set up like the hunt. A main mission and scoreboard with multiple sub events.
    Each mission has it's set amount of points. This goes for repeatable and not repeatable missions.
    Each non repeatable you only get 1 chance though typically against easy opponents. 1 chance 1 shot at 1 reward.
    Repeatable missions each can be attempted 10x. Maybe 4 missions with varying degrees of difficulty.
    You get your 10 attempts win or lose. You gather as many of each of the 4 rewards as you can in your 10 tries.
    The missions will reset randomly in 4-16 hour intervals. (Countdown still shows just event lengths vary)
    This creates a lil separation so that most people get most missions but if there are some quick 4 hour sub missions thrown in dedicated gamers can still gain some separation.

    Pro's - people aren't rewarded for not playing or joining late as with these current systems.
    You can see what needs to be done and when so you don't have to obsess like was necessary in unstable ISO
    It gives wide levels of separation while still limiting it to an extent. Maybe even high level guest chars for certain missions.

    Con's - you may use more revives because you don't wanna take a loss
    Some rewards may not be obtained