Leaderboards available after tournment ends

I would like to suggest that when a tournament ends that the leader board results be available to be viewed for a period of time. The recent one-star weekend tourny was great fun and when I went to bed (had to get up for work at 4:30AM) I was #5. When I got up I ended up getting two Captain America covers, so I assumed I ended in the Top-Ten. But then I read that there was a server crash and some haven't been able to get rewards and such, so if that had happened to me and I got nothing I would have wondered if I had actually fallen from #5 to below #50 and that is why I didn't get a cover.

In either case, it would be nice to see what the board looked like when the dust settled.


  • I agree; I'd like to be able to see both my personal standings and the top 10 (just like you can during the tournament). icon_e_smile.gif
  • I'm all for this. If not for self satisfaction, then at least for one to judge how well (or bad) the chosen tournament strategy has turned out.