Unstable ISO tourney bug

There is a problem withe the points on the unstable tourney .

This morning I completed all missions and repeatables. When I got to 497 points the repeatable missions no longer game me points .

I log of for an hour or so and re enter the tourney.

Repeatables still not giving points but I'm down to 5th from first with someone on 507. Currently there is no way for me to increase my points .

My game name is same as my forum name.

Are points awarded until mission rewards are all given? If so then bad luck is better for a points based tourney

Please feedback


  • Getting points again now

    Rubber banding method to stop people racing ahead?
  • I sent in a ticket about this. At best it was something odd that was intended (although I have no idea how it is working).

    At worst a bug that probably won't get fixed during this tournament.