Bonus Health Pack cache

Here's a suggestion to alleviate our concerns with the rising HP costs in the recent patches. Maybe bonus health packs can take a cache and not deny us our normal health pack regeneration? It'll be in line with the cover cache as well icon_e_wink.gif

Edit: On hindsight it'll probably make health pack sales completely pointless. And I doubt you guys will have that.


  • I have 15 from playing the iso-8 event...
  • I'm at 30 now because of the event....

    I also think that this is something that will never be implemented and although it would be useful, is not a really important change/request
  • Actually I think it's needed more than ever now that there's a glut of health packs.

    Why? Because the excess health packs is changing the way I play - I end up not using health packs at all because I want to save them for tourneys just in case, so I end up playing less icon_cry.gif