Confirmation on Train button in rewards section

Sell button has confirmation, however Train button does not, I already made 2 mistakes because of that
-while aiming smaller sell button I pressed Train button
-while scrolling (left handed) I pressed Train button

Note that because of 5/5/3 limit we DO NOT want to upgrade everything!
I was already cautious however it still happen second time, because of this I need to rebuild one 2* and 3* character.

This is only GUI, no server programming, please add in next update

Note: Android



  • I second this.

    There should also be a confirmation when choosing to level a character using either HP or existing covers.
  • Support can help fix this for you, FYI. I was laughing at the cost to rank up x-force wolverine one day, than accidentally clicked the button when I closed my iPad cover icon_e_surprised.gif
  • +1
    But regarding "this is only GUI...", well, getting rid of the annoying pop-ups is at least as easy, heavily requested a long time ago... But we are still "enjoying" them.
  • Actually, left-handedness in general seems to be a handicap in this game. Back button is so freaking far and tiny up in the corner, scrolling is frustrating as half the time something pops up or the crook of my thumb triggers touch screen.

    The worst though is definitely the Train/Recruit button having no confirmation. I saved up for a new slot and went to pull the cover from the reward section. Instead, I recruited a cover that was a full three days newer than my intended target while trying to scroll down.