Didn't recieve progression reward for 1 star weekend?

So on Saturday night I hit 400 points in the 1 star weekend event and was about to get my Iron Man Freon Beam reward, which I've been waiting for a long time. But as I tap the screen of my phone during the "new reward" screen, it was followed by a darkened screen with the never ending loop of the "loading screen" (the one where all the "icons" of the characters are looping one after another). I sat around waiting for it to end and it never did, I ended up leaving the app via home button. I loaded the game up again hoping to see Freon Beam in my collection, but it never showed up. I sent a message via my phone about the missing reward, but I didn't get a reply. Any solutions to this?


  • This happened to me with my One-Star Captain America reward. icon_e_sad.gif
  • Sorry to hear that it happened to you too, have you submitted anything or gotten any reply?
  • I didn't receive my position 2 rewards, so I wrote a mail to the support, the replied that they're working on this and later they replied that they resent the rewards and I got them. It's all fine now icon_e_smile.gif
  • I sent something but never got a reply, which address did you contact regarding this issue?
  • [email protected]
    seems like everyone who sent an e-mail got their rewards fixed, so give it a try icon_e_wink.gif