Help -1 attack

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Someone please help me out...who is causing all my attacks to only be -1. I've checked the character descriptions and can't figure it out. I obviously need to take thus one out first. Thanks and excuse my ignorance on the topic.


  • I think you've posted this in the wrong forum, this one is the little-used General Discussion (Other) forum, intended for threads about games other than MPQ. The "Tips and Guides" forum has lots of excellent threads for FAQ, gameplay advice, and more. It's a great place to look for answers and guidance. The "Bugs and Technical Issues" forum is another great place to look for information, too.

    Anyway. If I've understood this right, you have a problem where in one or more matches, your attacks get to a point of only doing 1 point of damage total, instead of the amounts that you expect. The most likely cause of this would be the other team having Bullseye (whose purple passive power triggers a defensive shield whenever you/AI make a purple match of tiles).

    There are others who lay defence tiles (such as Captain America, Spider-Man, and Black Panther), but those are all active powers that require AP to use, and you would be able to see the action occurring like with any attack. Bullseye is the only one who can lay defence tiles passively, and if you're not familiar with the character then the gameplay can be confusing at first.

    I hope this helps! icon_e_smile.gif
  • Thank you!