GREAT GAME and Support

So often in these mobile f2p games, good things get lost in the shuffle of complaints.....

I just want to say that MPQ is one of the best f2p games I have ever played. It seems that D3 is not too greedy w/ the good stuff - ( a very common complaint with any f2p game) and we can all be successful with or without paying huge sums of money (although it still does give an advantage as it should - they are in it for profit after all)
I feel that the devs have taken a different approach to make that profit - encouraging the masses to spend a bit instead of encouraging a few to spend a massive amount - and I applaud this decision and model!
Support is by far the BEST I have seen from any mobile game - quick answers and I actually felt as though they cared what their customer thought and did their best to resolve the situation.
KEEP IT UP!!! Don't falter on support or the model and I believe you will have many long term players - I know you will have 1 for sure

Thanks again