New tourney format ideas!

Tournament ideas people!

PvP tournament. You can only see your opponent's highest level champ. Introducing Daredevil! Daredevil and Bullseye are buffed.

Eater of Worlds
PvE tournament with an invincible boss at the end. You can only fight the last boss one time and he cannot die and slowly gets stronger until he eventually kills you! (Your team starts with full health and is restored to full health for free after the battle). The amount of damage you do in total is added to your bracket's total points and you compete with other brackets, with each bracket consisting of 500 players. Introducing Galactus, the first 5-star villain!

Scientific Breakthrough
PvP tournament. Your opponents gain 1-3 random boost applied to them at the beginning of the battle! Your own boost effectiveness is doubled. Introducing Reed Richards, PhD and Dr Banner! All scientist characters are buffed.

Groundhog Day: Lightning Rounds
PVP Tournament. Scarlet Witch's powers are out of control! She has created an alternate dimension which could randomly reset itself at any point after 2 hours, but no one know exactly when it will occur. Can you stop her before the day resets? Introducing Scarlet Witch (House of M)! Scarlet Witch is buffed.


  • I really like the Galactus one. I'm sure they won't release a 5* character but the format sounds fun. Especially since Heroic has been chaotic and the PVP is a grind.
  • Tempermental Temporal Tourney
    Due to a Temporal anomaly, this tournement closes at after random/undisclosed period of time! Event layout is like Lightning rounds, but restarts every 6 hours, and random ends between 1.5 and 5 hours, and is not visible to the participants

    Like the idea of the blindfolded tourney!