Dont screw with PvE - a European rant

I like this game. And therefore I put in lots of hours.
There I was, doing all the Venom heroic missions every 12 hours, like a good little boys.

When they opened up the repeatable missions again...
Im 5th now with 4 hours to go... It's 2 o'clock at night. Tomorrow is a workday.....

So the question arises. Will the time spend on yet another event be a waste of time...
One can only hope..
Or fall over from exhaustion..

My wish. Please consider not doing these last minute changes anymore.


  • Nemek
    Nemek Posts: 1,511
    From a non-European...this was still ridiculous. Changing the rules of a tournament in the last 15% of the time is just crazy. Yes, the tournament was already pretty messed up, but we should have just rode with it, learned a few things about whatever algorithm was in place, apologize and move on.

    There was absolutely no way that a large amount of people could really compete with this change. At least with the already messed up tourney, there was still strategy being deployed to not fall behind. With this, it was just who happened not to be busy for these last 12 hours.