Bag Head Spiderman

Am i the only one who no matter how many 2 star or better tokens i win or get from the daily boosts or pay for with hero points always ends up with bag head spiderman? I have used 10 2 star tokens and EVERYTIME ive gotten bag head spiderman icon_e_sad.gificon_e_sad.gificon_e_sad.gif ... there has to be something wrong with this.. i submitted a help ticket about it and never heard anything about it.. i just got a token and again im sitting here looking at bag head spiderman.... I know there have been posts about statistics.. but we all know what Mark Twain says about statistics "There are lies, damned lies and statistics." icon_evil.gif


  • If your ticket ingame was not responded to, write an E-Mail to support, the ingame tickets have a tendency to vanish on the way. (If it's more than 1-2 days after you wrote the ticket now and you still haven't heard something)

    But regardless of this, I would say it's bad luck, but they are sometimes generous in such cases.
  • Personally thought this was a post saying that Bagman was the bug, and needs to be fixed.....
  • I used to get bagman all the time, but thankfully I haven't seen him in a while.
  • ive gone through 3 more tokens and they have all been baghead spiderman... either i have a curse or the randomization is not in my favor