Very crisp graphics but very laggy

I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy tablet most of the time. With the sneaky 25/11 update here came a big system update on my tablet. Everything that looked blurry in MPQ before is now very crisp and clean. But the game itself plays very laggy now. Skill effects pause the game and every move is very unresponsive as in getting executed in delay. So, anyone else experiencing it? Which of the updates causes these problems?


  • IceIX
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    Interesting, the changes that we made on 11/25 were purely backend and had no gameplay effects. There's no reason that the graphics would have improved or introduced additional lag. The graphical improvements aren't until R43.
  • It must be the update to Jelly bean 4.2.2 then. Can't be simply my imagination since I like high details and always thought that especially the fight buttons and the characters in the event screen look very blurry. On my mobile it always looked more crisp but I thought it was due to the smaller display.
  • I've found it slightly laggy on my S4 since R42 with all the added animations. I'd really like to have the ability to turn them off.