Tourney suggestion: Epic-length, progression focus

To address the problems with players in different time zones, I'd like to suggest the following tourney format:

Epic-length (2 weeks) PVE event with *enormous* list of progression rewards. Not PVP (no loss of tourney points).

The event should be clearly publicized/teased for a long time in advance so players all around the world will clear their calendars for it.

To force players t-err, to encourage regular participation daily, a limited number of XX temporary boosts of big to enormous power should be made available during a 24-hour period on various days (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, etc.). XX boosts (10?) should be made available for free at the beginning of each of these days. To encourage a variety of play styles/characers, the boosts could have very specific bonuses tailored to favor certain characters (i.e. "Use this boost to double the damage bonus of any strike tiles you own for this round only," or "Use this boost to reduce any countdown tiles you own to 0 for this round only," or "Use this boost to double the health of any X-Men on your team for this round only.") After 24 hours, if not used, the boosts wink out of existence or get grayed out until the next day they're offered. Consider selling additional boosts for HP ala Heroic Venom if preferred.

Also, YY character(s) should receive buffs during the event on days alternating with the massive boosts. i.e. if Tue/Thu/Sat are the big boost days, Mon/Wed/Fri would be the buff days. I assume D3P would want to buff different characters to promote certain usage patterns/upsell certain hero packs, which is fine. Given that this event would be so long in duration I could see this cycling through the whole roster, which might actually be a good thing. If there are juicy progression awards waiting at the next tier, but players have to get through insanely high-level Maggia or HAMMER troops to get them, who knows? People might start upgrading their Bag-Man in droves icon_lol.gif If possible, I would limit the buffs to only XX number of rounds (e.g. today, Magneto will get a 250% buff for 10 rounds only); but I'm not sure how hard this would be to implement. icon_razz.gif (*ducks bricks being thrown at him by programmers*)

My suggestion about the boosts and buffs being limited to a finite number is to try to offer an equitable experience to all players in all time zones, who may not be able to play at *exactly* 11:59PM EST on any given Friday, but can hopefully play at *some* point in the day on that Friday. By logging in *sometime* within each day's 24-hour period, anyone in any time zone should hopefully be able to take advantage of their 10 buffed matches or 10 boosts for that particular 24-hour period, and hopefully, after using them up, will feel satisfied with today's game session and ready to come back for tomorrow's buffs or boosts. (And should they feel like they're on hot streak, maybe they pay more HP for the "heroic" boosts, who knows. icon_lol.gif ) Basically, everyone gets their allotted boosted/buffed rounds for the day, everyone gets to go on a massively satisfying rampage where their team is fantastically OP (in a PVE setting, mind you), and hopefully everyone feels like they've had a fair shake, regardless of schedule.

I suggest this as a longer-term tournament format to allow players enough time to participate and really grind to rewards, which I could see going up to, and beyond, 3000-4000 progression points, where the goal is clearly not placing, but rather, on grinding out progression to the highest tiers.


  • This is a horrible idea. Why is it that everyone feels entitled to earn rewards? They are called rewards, not gifts, for a reason. I'm sorry that your schedule does not allow you to play the amount of time you think you need to earn rewards. The bottom line is regardless of when the tournaments start/end that there will always be people that have more time/money than you do. Buffing a character 250% is ridiculous. If you can't beat PvE missions without unbuffed characters than you clearly don't understand how to play the game and you just try to rush through the battles. This game gives out so much free ISO, not to mention all the ISO you can get from Facebook, that there is no reason that you should be having any problems leveling up characters to beat PvE missions. Now about the free boosts. Why do you deserve 10 free boosts a day? So that you can keep up with the people who have invested more time and money than you? How is that fair to them? Why should you benefit, at a monetary loss to the developers, because you haven't invested as much time/money as other people?
  • Badman82 wrote:
    This is a horrible idea.
    Either you haven't fully read his post, or you have fundamentally misunderstood it. Your post makes no sense as a reply to someguy's post.
  • No I read this post as well as some of his other posts and they all share one thing in common...him suggesting that the devs make it easier for people to get rewards. If you would like to defend someone, who I wasn't attacking, at least post something other than "you didn't read the post". It's very clear I read the post as I addressed why we don't need a tournament that lasts two weeks. If you want rewards go and earn them. Don't ask the devs to make it easier and then use the "I'm in a timezone where I have to stay up late to earn rewards" excuse. It's very whiny. His other post asking why they aren't handing out 500 HP progression rewards was equally "feel sorry for me because I don't have time to play this game".
  • Badman82 wrote:
    If you would like to defend someone, who I wasn't attacking, at least post something other than "you didn't read the post".
    I'm not defending him, personally I don't like his idea for a tournament. But your posts still make no sense - for example:
    - you say he is complaining that he doesn't have time to play the game, but he is proposing a time-consuming tournament. Does not compute.
    - you say "Why do you deserve 10 free boosts a day?" when he is proposing that everyone gets these 10 boosts, they are different to the normal boosts, and that they are an integral part of his proposed tournament.
    - someguy has never posted anything "whiny"
    - basically everything else you said in both your posts is a bit odd also, but I can't be arsed to explain everything to you, sorry.

    I really don't know what your problem is, but you need to take more time reading posts, and making sure you fully understand them, before you reply to them.
  • Thank you for the imput, I will take my time reading from this point forward icon_e_smile.gif
  • @Badman: He didn't really specify how easy or hard the rewards are to get. It's just an event idea. They could be even harder than the current system.
  • I guess what Humphrey is trying to defend the game as well.
    If the game is too easy for people to get their rewards / ISO / Boosts, we might not be able to see the game developed in future.
    *Let's face the fact on this, eventually we need Dev to create more interesting characters along the way. AND THEY NEED Funds (which of cause by people who's spend on getting better characters / level up / boosting / Health Packs)

    You can't expect them giving us very easy time to earn the characters. *And seriously, this game is really easy for us to earn the characters consider we have lighting rounds, supply chain days, random boosts, etc Events that give us alot of rewards*

    Of cause, you need to spend wisely on the characters you are leveling up. I have to stop my Cap America to Max (Max Power cap) and change to Storm (still got 3 cover left) during the lighting round event, knowing that storm level is not max yet BUT she's so useful in these lighting events. Which eventually i spend HP to get her last cover, (last two cover i was lucky enough to earn through those free token pack)

    I think till now, the game play is quite balance for both free players and paid players. And I hope it will stay at it is or have a system that benefits paid players compare to free players. (I have no offence to free players as well, currently I spend $50 on this game but I still got $20 left in the game as I am still waiting for better covers while taking my time to take those free ISO to max level my characters)

    Hope this cool down everyone in this topic. icon_e_smile.gif
  • Yes, at the end of the day, D3P needs to get moneys from somebody. Otherwise, game go bye-bye. I think we all know this. icon_e_smile.gif

    However, right now, many European players are so unhappy with tourney times that they, themselves want to go bye-bye. When they go, they will be taking their wallets with them. That means fewer potential customers, less money, and game go bye-bye that much sooner. icon_cry.gif

    I don't think for one second that this cockamamie idea is any better than any of my other cockamamie ideas icon_lol.gif

    In fact as I've described it, looking back, it's very clunky and problematic, and that's being kind. icon_e_wink.gif However, it's my hope that someone at D3P reads this, or some other suggestion for Eurozone ppl, and says, "Hey, I have a much, much better idea to do right by European players."
  • As for the time zone, it's understandable which will affect the european players and D3 should really look into it to sustain different region of players in the world.

    However in terms of having that extra Boosts, made it easier to get rewards, (etc things that made rewards easy to get kind of stuffs) I guess this down to how the players play it and manage the game well.

    But i guess all suggestions is just to help develop the game to a better system for everyone to enjoy eventually. icon_e_smile.gif