$1,000/29,000 Mana Crystals for PMA2

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edited 9 July 2024, 16:30 in MtGPQ Suggestions & Feedback

I'd like a refund for all of the money I've already spent on this money pit/trap of a game ran by greedy people that don't care one bit about people having a good old fashioned enjoyable gaming experience and only care about sucking every player dry of every penny they can if we're to have a decent collection of cards and planeswalkers that can compete with everybody else that's been ripped off. $100 for a bundle of 14 electronic cards that we will never get a return on investment for like we might in paper magic. This game sucks people dry of their money, time, energy, and thoughts and drives people up the wall with the glitches, nerfs, and outrageous prices. It's EXTREMELY TOXIC and nobody should play it, especially not invest in it, because it's designed to pull you in and trap you to spend forever. This recent drop of PMA2 and what it takes to get anywhere near completing the set, is absolutely despicable and downright evil on behalf of the people running the game. Sickening to ask people for such money and effort to stare at their phones 24-7. All of you need to get out while you still can before you're $15,000 deep in the game like me and they pull a stunt like this where you are forced to quit and keep your dignity and not fork over your hard earned cash.