July 2/3/4/5 characters - W/T/H

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I realize communication is always somewhat rough and that the team was out for the holiday...but nothing about this?

Sure, we got a 2 on the 4th and it's Iron Patriot so it's thematic so you can excuse the early release.

But we have a new 4 this week as well (prior new 2s replaced 4s in the release schedule).

We couldn't wait a month or whatever for whoever's coming in 3 days? Are they that highly requested? Will they upend the game for 4* players?

And then we still get the normal, uninterrupted, and I understand, 3/5 coming 2 weeks after that (I'm sure they tie into the DP movie and all so I'm fine with that).

Was this a special event for July? Should we expect a 2/3/4/5 pattern to continue?

I'm not a fan. Not at all.


  • S0kun
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    Definitely not a regular cadence moving forward and IP was released purely for the 4th of July holiday tie in!