Single player looking for an alliance.

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Found an alliance

New to the forum here but long time player looking for a new alliance.

Been playing nearly 7 years but 9 months back from a 1 year hiatus.

Easy going, play for fun.

Currenty playing for Mosh Pit if you wanted to check my roster/stats.

Been working on bringing key 5* characters to level 500 with a focus on ascending characters and building a strong support deck.

I'm a daily player playing PVE, PVP and all BOSS events including HEROIC.
My event scores:
PVE 130% progression
BOSS full progression and always willing for additional play to achieve alliance rewards.
HEROIC full progression and always willing for additional play for alliance ranking.
PVP averaging 900 points per event with 1400 to 1600 simulator score per season.

Looking to join an alliance that is achieving:
100% BOSS event progression.
100% HEROIC event progression with intent of best possible placement.
100% PVE progression T50/T100
Any PVP play would be a bonus.

If interested please DM. Looking to move before next boss event.

Found an alliance