Internal Pop Up Ads


I have asked you guys to PLEASE do something about this particular issue many times, it is something that is extremely annoying and frustrating. Most games tend to drown the player in 3rd party ads, but I have never encountered that while playing Marvel Puzzle Quest due to how you have it designed. And I thank you for that.

What I do encounter on a daily basis while playing the game are the internal MPQ ads that the D3 development team places within the game and they are EXTREMELY excessive. Every time I close one out, another pops up. And another. And another. Just a few moments ago, I opened up the game to look in on the Deadpool Daily, which is something that I do every day. Especially on Mondays because that is when the DD resets it's weekly lineup. Not only do I check to see who the 3 star character is for the day, on Monday's I check to see who required character is for the one or two "Extreme" rounds which is the one that resets every Monday, to see if I can complete it.

I lost count on how many ads that I had close out just to be able to see anything, just on that instance alone. I do not need to be constantly reminded on all of the bundles that you have to offer in the game. I have been playing the game for the longest time, and over the past year or two I have bought numerous bundles that have been offered. Usually, they have been the ones that offer a variety of items, such as character covers, hero points, & command points. I currently have the best roster that I have ever had. I have 104 roster slots (Yes, that may be nothing to some players who likely have a lot more, but its big to me.) I have 14 five star characters, the most that I have ever had. Fifty 4 star characters, and 33 three star characters, all of those are champions. And I am just about ready to drop all of that, erase that entire roster, uninstall the game, and NEVER download it or play again, in which you will lose the support of a loyal player. Allowing one or two, up to maybe 3 ads within a day or X amount of time while having the app open is acceptable. But having nearly a dozen pop up every time you change something on the screen? C'mon!! And that's going from the home screen, to Deadpool Daily, tapping on one of the DD rounds, exiting the DD, tapping on VS, going from that to the featured event, back to home. Every time you go from one to another, you get an ad that comes up. It's excessive, and it needs to stop. I would try to get a video of it so it can be seen & demonstrated, but I'm not always having the mindset "Maybe I should have the video camera on my phone ready to record, just in case" just so that it can be done and be seen. Even if I did record it happening, it likely won't be easy trying to post a copy of the video here. (I play on my tablet, not on my phone, because it has a larger screen.)

I'm not asking for much. I'm just asking for you guys to please lower the amount that are allowed to generate so many times in the game. Perhaps at some point you can enhance the VIP club to offer ad free versions, or maybe even one that is a yearly version that is at a bigger cost that comes with an auto renewal option. Please, do something about this issue. Thanks in advance.