Release Notes 6.6.2

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Events and Products

  • Fixed: Locomotive Looters’s Luxurious Locomotive Event Support being described as ‘under no player’s control’ while there are actually two supports, one under each player’s control.
  • Fixed: Tier 3 Vip Rewards will now be awarding the correct pack.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Changed: Jace Reawakened’s Telepathic Shock, which caused a soft lock under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Dack Fayden having his highest mana bonuses as Black and Red instead of Blue and Red. His correct mana bonuses at Level 60 are: White (-2) Blue (+5) Black (+2) Red (+5) Green (-2).
  • Fixed: Archangel Elspeth’s (+1) ability generating the incorrect token.
  • Fixed: Archangel Elspeth's (-7) ability interacting with both graveyards instead of interacting with only her controller’s graveyard.
  • Fixed: The Ancient One not being activated when its Activate Gems are matched, only when they are destroyed.
  • Fixed: Follow the Bodies causing a soft lock when cast if there are too many modified Gems on the board.
  • Fixed: Not being possible to use VG Wrenn and Realmbreaker's (+1) ability if their controller doesn't control Creatures.
  • Fixed: An issue that caused softlocks with multiple card interactions has been fixed, which should be improving general game stability.