Release Notes 6.6.1

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New Planeswalkers

Dack Fayden

Dack is a Human Planeswalker native from Fiora, he was a prodigy in the magical academy and a very skillful thief, after losing all his loved ones he started to travel the multiverse to discover what had happened.

  • Discard and draw cards gaining mana.
  • Destroying opponent’s supports from the opponent and stealing their artifacts.
  • Create a dagger that’ll punish opponent conversion by dealing damage.

Colors: Blue and Red

Mana Bonuses: White (0) Blue (+3) Black (+2) Red (+4) Green (+1)

  • Ability 1 - Prodigious Skill (Cost 06): Discard a card and draw 2 cards. If the discarded card had no mana, gain 15 mana.

  • Ability 2 - Subterfuge Mastery (Cost 08): Destroy an opposing Support card at random. If that card was a nonSimple nonToken Artifact — Create a copy of that card into play under your control. Then: Reinforce that card 3 times. Otherwise: Deal 8 damage to the first opposing creature.

  • Ability 3 - Red Hand Tool (Cost 13): Create 3 Ancient Dagger Tokens. Then: Deal X damage to your opponent's Planeswalker. X is the number of Artifact supports you control, including their reinforcements.

(For the complete event notes, check our Planeswalker Details forum.)

Jace Reawakened

Jace is a Human Planeswalker native from Vryn, He is a Mind mage that was compleated during the Phyrexian invasion but was cured in the aftermath, maintaining his spark. After the invasion, Jace started to investigate the Omenpaths that opened across the multiverse and fearing their potential for disaster, he masterminded the Heist in Thunder Junction.

Jace is a Blue Planeswalker that will be available for purchase in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction

  • Passive that gains mana bonus in the first turns or delays your opponent cards in the later turns.
  • Discard cards gaining mana.
  • Return Opposing cards to their owner's hand, increasing their mana cost.
  • Drains mana from opponent hand, dealing damage and plotting cards from hand.

Mana Bonuses: White (+2) Blue (+4) Black (+3) Red (-1) Green (+1)

  • Passive Ability

    When you draw your first card each turn: If this is turn 1, 2 or 3. Your Blue Color mana bonus is increased by 1. Otherwise: Increase the cost of the last card in your opponent's hand by 2.

  • Ability 1 - Psychic Manipulation (Cost 08): Discard your last card. Gain X mana. X is the base mana cost of the discarded card.

  • Ability 2 - Memory Reversal (Cost 09): Return up to one random opposing support to their owner’s hand. This effect can affect Vanguards. Return the first opposing creature to their owner's hand. Then: Increase the cost of those cards by 6.

  • Ability 3 - Telepathic Shock (Cost 17): Drain all mana from your opponent’s hand. Deal X damage to your opponent’s Planeswalker. X is 45 minus the amount of mana drained from their hand this way. Exile the last 2 cards from your hand. Then: The first 2 cards in your exile gains Plot 6 and the Plotted Emblem.

(For the complete event notes, check our Planeswalker Details forum.)

New Events

Implicit Maze

“The pattern of the Implicit Maze extends in more than two dimensions”

An immense maze that connects arcane landmarks of all ten guilds. Niv-Mizzet announces that each guild must send its champion to brave the labyrinth. The Maze runner who triumphed would gain the power behind it for their guild. Become the champion for your guild and receive a special reward for completing the maze.

Event Type: PvE

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Block (ORI, GRN, RNA, WAR, MKM)

Planeswalker restrictions: Only PWs with exactly 2 colors

Duration: 46h

Recharge Time: 0h

Initial Charges (per node): 6

Max Charges (per node): 6

Progression rewards

Special Rules

Each encounter features a different enemy, and all of them play in a different style.

The opponents are: Knight of Autumn; Molderhulk; Dream Eater; Gate Colossus; Embermaw Hellion; Seraph of the Scales; Thousand-Year Storm; Leyline of the Guildpact.

(For the complete event notes, check our Event Details forum.)

The Greatest Heist

“The vault’s ultimate prize wasn’t exactly what Kellan had imagined”

An ancient vault hiding untold raw magic has been discovered on Thunder Junction. A mysterious, anonymous benefactor has hired the fae Planeswalker, Oko, for a job: seize whatever is inside. But no matter how clever and charismatic he is, Oko knows he can’t do this alone. The vault is guarded by the Hellspurs, Thunder Junction’s deadliest criminal gang–not to mention every other outlaw who wants a piece of the power pie. So Oko uses the Omenpaths to recruit a gang of ragtag, rip-roaring, villains from Magic’s history to pull off the Greatest Heist in the Multiverse!

Event Type: PvP

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

Planeswalkers Allowed: Black, Red, Green

Number of nodes: 2

Duration: 46h

Recharge Time: 0h

Initial Charges (per node): 12

Max Charges (per node): 12

Progression rewards

Special Rules

The node features a different event support spawned by the opponent's control. As the event progresses, the support may be destroyed generating one support for each player, representing the steps of this heist.

(For the complete event notes, check our Event Details forum.)

New Vanguards

This release features seven new Vanguards:

They can be obtained through the OTJ Vanguard packs, which will be available in the Vault for the first time just after the release. After this, they’ll be added to the Standard Vanguard rotation.

Quality of Life Improvement

A first change we’d like to announce is that now booster packs will show their cards randomly, regardless of rarity. Hold your breath until the end!

Also, the Coalition Invite system is ready! Now each Coalition can generate an invite code so specific players can be recruited:


  • Fixed: Cards with Crime not providing the Crime emblem when they enter the battlefield from the Graveyard or from Exile.

  • Fixed: Argentum Masticore not destroying an opposing card even when possible.

  • Fixed: Training Grounds not triggering when its controller drains mana for a Kicker ability.

  • Fixed: Tecutlan, the Searing Rift sometimes converting gems to the wrong colors.

  • Fixed: Card Workshop Elders and event Support Restless Prairie effects will work correctly instead of only once per match.

  • Fixed: Jodah, the Unifier not triggering when a Vanguard is cast.

  • Fixed: VG Tamiyo, Field Researcher’s second ability disabling a card only at the beginning of the opponent's turn instead of immediately.

  • Fixed: Effects that add one of the Outlaw Subtypes (Assassin, Rogue, Piratem, Warlock, Mercenary) will now be properly counted for objectives that check for Outlaw creatures.

  • Fixed: Rush of Dread considering only Creature Cards that are in the opponent's graveyard to calculate Spree's (4) effect, instead of counting all of those cards.

  • Fixed: Bristly Bill, Spine Sower's Landfall trigger occurring only once per match.

  • Fixed: The Key to the Vault triggering when damage is dealt to an opponent’s Creature instead of triggering when damage is dealt to the opponent’s Planeswalker.

  • Fixed: An unintended interaction between Unholy Indenture and Longhorn Firebeast, creating an unintended loop.

  • Fixed: Fblthp’s Full Art Atraxa, Grand Unifier being available for purchase if the player already owns it.

  • Fixed: Cards’ Plot number occasionally appearing misaligned during booster opening.

  • Fixed: Witch’s Web missing reminder text for its Reach ability.

  • Fixed: The Bad Guys objective of the Locomotive Looters event lacking a hint for Outlaw.

  • Fixed: Who's the Killer?’s support names not being localized in Japanese.

  • Fixed: Estrid, the Mascarade’s Mask token not being localized in languages other than English.

  • Fixed: Mana Crypt not being displayed at My Collection when the player filters by Full Art Masterpieces.