Stuttering, pausing and crashing on Samsung S22 Ultra for the last couple of weeks [Investigating]

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Hopefully someone is also seeing this and has some solutions.

Recently, perhaps the last two weeks, I've found the game to be badly impacted by stuttering, pauses and even the app crashing out. This shows as pauses during any in-game menu or game activity, of around a second every three to four seconds. The whole game client 'freezes', with any animation shown mid-flight, like cards being pulled across the screen.

The common aspect to this appears to be after minimising the app or putting the phone on standby then resuming the game. More often than not, force closing the game and restarting gets thing operational again but this could just be coincidence to something else at play. The problems manifest when in the game menu (just scrolling up or down), in the game itself (swapping gems, cards, etc).

Checking the in-game system stats, temperature and memory both read as Good. Specifically there's circa 60gb of storage space available and 4gb of system memory free whilst the game is active (using 1.2gb of memory, itself).

The phone is kept in a good state, there's not a million sleeping browser tabs or any apps in a deep sleep state.

It's running Android 14, no updates pending. Game Client Version is

Just to say, I'm not new to the game. Several million of the base currency, years of playing across a few phone upgrades, with the S22 Ultra being used for the last couple of years without any problem.



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    I have the same thing on the same phone (updated to the latest)

    Thought it was just me