Patch Notes

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Release Date: 05/20/24

Changes and Fixes


  • Updated: Standard Booster Pack Duplicable reward from Nodes of Power to the 6.6.0 version.
  • Fixed: Luxurious Locomotive only performing its triggered ability when there are non-outlaw Creatures on the battlefield.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Fixed: Annie Joins Up creating a copy of itself instead of the last card except it played by the player.
  • Fixed: Creatures remaining disabled after Assimilation Aegis has left the battlefield.
  • Fixed: Demolition Field not granting +4 mana if the opponent’s doesn’t control a Support.
  • Fixed: VG Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast’s second ability not creating 3 Gold Tokens if an opponent’s Artifact Creature is chosen (only when Daretti’s controller chooses their own creature).
  • Fixed: Anzrag's Rampage destroying only its controller’s Artifact cards instead of all Artifact cards on the field.
  • Fixed: Archpriest of Shadows not granting its buffs correctly if All Will Be One is in play.
  • Fixed: Breeches, Eager Pillager giving mana to the first card in the player’s hand instead of giving it to the card drawn by Breeches’ effect.
  • Fixed: Oko, the Ringleader’s Gold Fever ability not giving a Crime emblem if its controller has 5 or more cards in hand.
  • Fixed: VG Tamiyo, Field Researcher’s second ability disabling Supports even if the opponent has Creatures in play.
  • Fixed: Jailbreak Scheme granting +1/+2 instead of +2/+1.
  • Fixed: Sovereign Okinec not draining mana for its Ward effect if the player has a spell with full mana in their hand.
  • Fixed: Phantom Nishoba and Phantom Nantuko not blocking at all instead of blocking only one Creature per turn when affected by a defensive keyword.
  • Fixed: Anzrag, the Quake-Mole triggering only once per turn instead of every time it deals damage to an opponent’s Creature.
  • Fixed: The Gitrog, Ravenous Ride not making the player draw cards.
  • Fixed: Doorkeeper Thrull’s cast ability triggering even if it entered the battlefield from the graveyard or from exile.
  • Fixed: Convenient Target showing internal text in Portuguese, French, Spanish and German.


  • Fixed: The hint text for Discovery in German containing the description of Descent instead.
  • Fixed: MID not being available for Booster Crafting. Wolves are back, everyone! :)
  • Fixed: Formerly exclusive cards from MKM missing from MKM Booster, Super and Premium Packs pool.