Microtransaction suggestion: cloning pod

TheVulture Posts: 439 Mover and Shaker
edited 19 May 2024, 12:46 in MPQ Suggestions and Feedback

The survey got me thinking about what kind of microtransactions would tempt me, as I've been playing for years and would no longer consider HP or ISO to be wroth real money to me.
What I have come up with is a complement to the recently introduced ISO-multiplier/canisters - cloning pods!

Cloning pods would be sold like ISO-multipliers, coming in 2, 3, and 4 star variants for approx. £2, £4, and £6 respectively w/ only one active pod allowed at a time.
When you buy a cloning pod, a pop-up window would present a scrolling selection list of every character of that star rating who is currently available from heroic packs.

While the pod is active, any time you acquire a character of that star rating from opening a pack (any pack), you instead receive a copy of the chosen character.
The pod expires after 14 days or receiving 100/50/25 copies of that character.

I think this would be an appealing product both for the ascension chasing crowd and new players, helping people towards their goals without increasing prizes and while keeping engagement with the game high.