MKM Non Dupe Booster for 350 crystals?

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I see that the new 350 Non Dupe Booster that began with LCI (when MKM was introduced) still contains the LCI set. I understand that this was a test product and may not always be present in the game but I and others are curious, will this LCI set be phased out and MKM set brought in? Perhaps this is an oversight that forgot to be done when OTJ was introduced? Either way or whatever the reason, thanks for an update!


  • Machine
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    I would like to have one for both sets with the main reason that not everyone is done with crafting the LCI rares. For example, I still need one more rare vanguard from LCI that I don't want to burn a lot of pinks on trying to get it. To make sure I guaranteed get it for 350 crystals, I first need to complete the remaining rares of that set.

  • TheHunter
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    Hi @Magic:PQ Support Team not sure this thread belongs in bugs & technical issues (I'm certain it doesn't!) but here's my thoughts.
    I appreciate this is an experiment, giving non-dupe packs of LCI for 350 crystals. You are no doubt seeing what this does to the in-game economy. I would love to see this extended not just to MKM, but to other Standard sets, and even Legacy sets as an alternative to booster crafting and also to allow players to get older Vanguards. I'm particularly thinking of sets like WAR where there are 24 Rare and Uncommon Vanguards, only available through a 120 gem duplicate pack, so the odds of getting them all is almost infinitely small. As the player above said - an update would be great, thanks!