Release Notes 6.6.0

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What’s New

New Mechanics


Crime is an Evergreen that provides buffs to cards if the player has the Crime Emblem. When a player casts a spell with crime, that player's planeswalker will gain a Crime emblem if they don't have one. When casting new spells with crime, additional effects will occur if the player has a Crime Emblem. Some spells can remove the Crime emblem. If this happens, the player must play a new spell with crime to acquire the emblem again and guarantee the buffs of these spells.

Crime emblem and Evergreen hint:

“When a card with Crime enters the battlefield, you commit a Crime (If your planeswalker doesn't have a Crime Emblem, it gains a Crime Emblem). While you have a Crime Emblem, perform this card’s associated Crime effect.”

Card example

Deals 3 damage to target creature.
If you committed a Crime — Destroy that Creature Instead.”

The Crime Emblem Icon is:

The Crime Evergreen Icon is:


Saddle is a Numbered Evergreen that is applied to creatures with the “Mount” subtype. At the beginning of the combat on each player’s turn, if that player controls another creature with power equal or greater to the Mount’s Saddle number, that creature with Saddle becomes Saddled. A Saddled creature can trigger an effect when it attacks or when it becomes Saddled, but also gains “Can’t Block” until the beginning of the player’s next turn, and is the last creature to attack.

Example of card that has a Saddled effect:

Saddle Hint

“At the beginning of the combat on your turn, if you control another creature with power X or more, this creature becomes saddled until the beginning of your next turn, X is this card’s Saddle number”

Saddled Hint

“A saddled creature gains Can’t Block, goes to the last creature slot and can perform this card’s associated Saddled effects._

Card examples

“Creature - Horse mount
Legendary, Saddle 3.
When this card becomes Saddled: Create a Gold token.

“Creature - Horror Mount
Trample, Saddle 3.
When this creature attacks: If this creature is Saddled - You may destroy target creature.

An example of the Saddle Evergreen numbered Icon is:

The Saddled Evergreen Icon is:


This is a numbered Evergreen. A card with Plot may be exiled from a player’s hand by paying the specified amount of mana; it then gains the Plotted Emblem. At the end of turn, if a card with Plot has the plotted emblem, it loses the Plot evergreen and returns to hand with full mana. Cards may also have additional effects if they have the Plotted Emblem.

Example of card that has Plot:

Plot Hint

“If you exile this card from your hand with the amount of mana equal to this card’s Plot value in this card, this card gains the Plotted Emblem. Some cards have additional effects while the card has the plotted emblem.”
Plotted Hint

“At the end of your turn: If this card is in your exile and has the Plot evergreen — It loses the Plot evergreen and returns with full mana to your hand.”

Card examples

“ Creature

Plot 4.

At the beginning of your turn: If this card has the Plotted Emblem —

Destroy all gems.”

An example of the Plot Evergreen numbered Icon is:

The Plotted Evergreen Icon is:


Spree is a numbered Emblem that a PW will have while a Spree card is in their deck. Cards with Spree also have an Evergreen that grants effects to the card when a player casts a card with spree and matches an equal or higher spree count with the card’s spree effect until the end of the opponent’s turn. For each gem match, the player will increase the spree counter by 1, then at the end of the opponent’s turn the counter returns to 0, thus enabling new buffs on the cards up to the values determined by the spree’s effect.

Example of card that has Spree:

Spree Emblem

“When you make a match, increase the spree counter by 1. At the end of your opponent's turn, the Spree counter returns to 0.”
Spree Hint

“When you cast this card, if your spree counter is equal or higher than this card’s Spree number effects, perform all related card’s associated Spree number effects.”_

Card examples


Spree 1 — All your creatures gain Deathtouch.
Spree 2 — Deals 5 damage to target creature.
Spree 3 — Destroy all opposing creatures.”

An example of the Spree Emblem is:

The Spree Evergreen Icon is:


Outlaw is a hidden subtype added to all Creatures with the subtypes: Assassins, Rogues, Pirates, Warlocks and Mercenaries.

Outlaw Hint

“Assassins, Rogues, Pirates, Warlocks, and Mercenaries are Outlaws.”_

Card examples

Creature- Ox Sheriff

Legendary, First Strike

When this creature enters the battlefield: If the opposing player controls an Outlaw — This creature gains Double Strike. Then: this creature deals X damage to each Outlaw, X is this creature’s power.

New Planeswalkers

Oko, The Ringleader

Oko is a fae planeswalker native to Eldraine, he is a prankster that loves chaos and now is responsible for assembling the gang that performs the Vault Heist.

His strategies revolve around

  • Creates gold and receives bonuses from the Crime mechanic.
  • Create Copies of its own resources.
  • Creates a Support that, when a gold token is destroyed, it steals opponent’s resources..


  • Gold Fever (Max Level)

    Create 4 Gold Tokens. Draw 2 cards. If you committed a Crime - those cards gain half of their mana. Otherwise: Gain the Crime emblem.

  • Partner Duplicate (Max Level)

    Create a copy of target nontoken creature you control into your hand. That copy full mana. Then: If you committed a Crime - Reinforce that creature.

  • Thunder Heist (Max Level)

    Create 3 Grand Heist token. If you committed a Crime - Create 8 gold tokens.

    • Grand Heist
      Support Shield 3
      Indestructible. When a Gold token is destroyed during your turn: Fetch a random card from your opponent's hand. If you can’t - Fetch the first card from your opponent’s library. Then: That card gains full mana. At the beginning of your turn: This support loses 1 shield.

Daretti, Ingenious Iconoclast

Daretti is a Goblin planeswalker that hails from Fiora. He’s a Master Artificer who specializes in creating treasure from junk. His legs don't work so he uses a cogwork wheelchair to move around.

His strategies revolve around:

  • Destroys his library to find his artifacts, using non artifact to fuel those cards.
  • Token generation that creates walls that hurt attacking creatures.
  • Deals Damage to opponent equal to the number of artifacts he controls, then make those artifacts bigger.


  • Scrap Mongering (Max level)

    Destroy the top 6 cards of your library. Then: Return the first 2 Artifact cards from your graveyard to your hand. Those cards gain X mana. X is 2 plus the number of nonArtifact cards in all graveyards times 2, up to 15.

  • Tower Defense (Max Level)

    Create 6 Scrap Cogchair tokens.

    • Scrap Cogchair
      Creature - Spider Construct
      Can’tAttack, Defender. When an opposing creature attacks: Deal X damage to that creature.X is the number of this creature's reinforcements.

  • Academic Reclamation (Max Level)

    Deal X damage to each opposing target. X is the number of Artifacts cards you control, including their reinforcements. Then, reinforce your Artifact cards 3 times.


Locomotive Looters

“Looks like you’ve got a train to catch.”

—Laughing Jasper Flint

Under the vast expanse of the Spinegully, a sleek luxury locomotive thundered along the tracks, slicing through the rugged landscape of the frontier. The locomotive pulls a string of carriages laden with gold, cash, and precious cargo. Thunder Junction is a land of lawlessness and unpredictability, and the outlaws know that their time is limited. Fight against other outlaws to conquest all treasures under the locomotive.

Event Type: PvP

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

No Planeswalker restrictions

Number of nodes: 1

Duration: 46h

Recharge Time: 0h

Initial Charges (per node): 12

Max Charges (per node): 12

Progression rewards

Special Rules

The node features a different event support spawned under no player's control, but affecting both players.

The supports are:

  • Luxurious Locomotive
    [Token, CantBeDestroyed, CantBeExiled, CantBeReinforced]
    When a Subtypes_Outlaw creature you control deals combat damage to your opponent's Planeswalker: Increase this card's Level by X. Then: Create a Gold Token. X is the damage dealt that way.
    When this card's Level becomes 50: Destroy all non Outlaw creatures and each player loses 50 life. This card's Level becomes 1.
    At the end of your turn: You gain 2 life for each Treasure you control.

(For the complete event notes, check our Event Details forum.)


  • Booster Boxes and Collector Boxes will be available day 1, after the update is released.

Changes and Fixes


  • Fixed: The Harvesttide deck construction rules includes the correct Standard Legal Sets.
  • Fixed: Interaction between Cosmos Charger and Foretell/Foretold will no longer cause an infinite loop.
  • Fixed: Unintended interaction between Chimil, the Inner Sun and Boast mechanic that prevented the one of the objectives from event Doomskar Claimants to be completed.
  • Changed: Support Rat Nest from event Plague Control was changed.
    • Before the change:At the beginning of your turn: Create 2 Rat Swarm Tokens.
      When an Rat card is destroyed or loses a reinforcement during each player's turn: Each creature you control gains the Rat subtype. Then, all creatures you control that are either an Rat or a Mouse get +1/+1.
      At the end of your turn: Your opponent loses X life and you gain X life. X is the number of Rat cards you control, including their reinforcements.
    • After the change: [Level]
      Rat Support abilities doesn't trigger.
      At the beginning of your turn: Create 2 Rat Swarm Tokens. Then: Increase this card's Level by the number of cards with the Rat subtype in play.
      At the end of your turn: Your opponent loses X life and you gain X life. X is equal to this card's Level plus the number of cards named Rat Swarm you control.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Fixed: Ability "Illusion of Free Will" of the Planeswalker 'Jace, the Perfected Mind'' now grants the “Augmentation Emblem” to “Phyresis Converter” supports.
  • Fixed: “Phyresis Converter” generated by Planeswalker “Jace, the Perfected Mind” will now grant the “Compleated” evergreen when “Phyrexian Gems” are matched after a Swap.
  • Fixed: Loyalty ability The Fallen on the Path from Planeswalker “Nahiri, the Unforgiving” will now correctly discard the last cards in the players hand instead of the first.
  • Changed: Mileva, the Stalwart ability text was changed:

    • Before the change: At the beginning of your turn: Your creatures gain Indestructible until the beginning of your next turn.
    • After the change: When this creature enters the battlefield: Your creatures gain Shield Counter 2.
  • Fixed: Card Fuss will now only buff token creatures.

  • Fixed: Card Ill-Timed Explosion **will no longer consider “current cost” instead of “base cost” of discarded cards to determine its damage total.**
  • Fixed: Cavern of Souls will now correctly convert gems to the colors of the Planeswalker being used.
  • Fixed: Solved effect of card Case of the Crimson Pulse will now deal the correct amount of damage to creatures without reinforcements.
  • Fixed: Random selection effects such as that of Kraul Whipcracker will no longer prioritize creatures over supports.
  • Fixed: Kylox’s Volstrider’s effect will now trigger even if the player doesn’t have a spell in hand.
  • Fixed: Plaguecrafter **will now perform its effects following the conditions described in the card’s text**.
  • Fixed: Case of the Shattered Pact’s Solved emblem will be granted after its required condition is met.
  • Fixed: Candlestick’s effect will now perform Surveil 2 instead of Surveil 1.
  • Fixed: Selecting “Not Now” in the prompt to transform a Cloaked creature will no longer prevent other creatures from being played.


  • REVERTED: Authority Of The Consuls will be returned to its original functionality.

    • The previous change performed on card **Authority Of The Consuls **aimed to ensure the card would be performing it’s effects according to the game rules. In doing so, the card was rendered useless, and could no longer perform it’s original design intent. Effects that interact with ‘Enters the battlefield’ abilities from creatures or supports are not only interesting, but important to keep certain strategies in check, and by extent, the health of the game. With this in mind, the game rules text will be updated in the rules gallery.
  • Changed: War of the Spark Mythic+ Vanguard boosters have been adjusted to the same standard as other Vanguard Boosters (costs 400 Mana Jewels, and is non-dupe).