Release Notes 6.5.3

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  • Fixed: An unintended interaction between Elesh Norn, Mother of Machines and VG Dakkon Blackblade creating an infinite loop.
  • Fixed: VG Geyadrone Dihada gaining an incorrect amount of Shield with its ability.
  • Fixed: VG Geyadrone Dihada causing damage instead of life loss.
  • Fixed: All Will Be One not considering Vanguards when counting Shield.
  • Fixed: Nahiri, the Unforgiving’s Heroic Unforgiveness only performing its effects in the first activation.
  • Fixed: Non-Mastered filter will now exhibit non-mastered cards when first selected instead of Mastered cards.


  • Cards that give full mana to a card will now always provide the amount of mana equivalent to the base cost of that card. It means ‘full mana’ effects will not consider additional costs such as Stored Mana, Cleave and Awaken. This result is now consistent across all interactions of this kind.