Strange effects happening in Story Mode


On Story Mode Origins - Chapter 1, level 2, "Anointer of Champions", the player used to start with a Mage Ring Network in play, but now does not. Can't confirm when this change happened, but I'm pretty sure it's within the last couple of months.

After being told about this I tested a couple of other levels to see if there were bugs, and there were:

Story Mode "Heroic - Liliana" level 1 (note: this is the 1st level in the 5 levels titled "Heroic - Liliana", not the only Liliana level in the top section marked "Heroic Encounters"!), Liliana starts the game with 0 cards in hand.

Story Mode "Heroic - Nissa" level 1 (note: this is the 1st level in the 5 levels titled "Heroic - Nissa", not the only Nissa level in the top section marked "Heroic Encounters"!), both objectives register that the player has had 4 cards destroyed or exiled, before the game has even started!

So far, these are the only levels I've tested to see if there are bugs.


  • Fireguy
    Fireguy Posts: 61 Match Maker

    I've seen additional bugs in Story Mode just now as well. It seems like the objective "bar" is bugged. The match will start with 2 creatures killed or 3 damage taken for example. So the bar often times does not begin at 0.

    Additionally, the bar does not progress as objectives are being worked on. For the objective to take 35 damage, I was stuck at the 3 damage taken for the entire game, even though I took 20 or so damage. The number never moved. However it turned white as if it was completed once I did take 35 damage. I had to count the damage taken myself as the bar was incorrect the entire time.

    So the objectives work, but the objective bars are way out of wack. This seems to be an issue for several objectives throughout Story Mode.