Power milestones progression busywork

OzarkBoatswain Posts: 692 Critical Contributor
edited 9 April 2024, 05:51 in MPQ Suggestions and Feedback

The game tracks how many powers you've received in each star level. For covers, the counter currently goes up when the cover is redeemed into a power in your roster. There are very worthwhile milestone rewards for collecting certain amounts of powers: enough hero shards to redeem at least one power of your choice.

The issue is that if you don't redeem a cover, you don't get a point towards the milestone. So it's beneficial to have an open slot on your roster to claim every power you don't want, and then instantly delete the character. This is useless busywork that should be streamlined away.

I suggest two possible replacements:
1. Have the counter be the number of powers currently in your roster, instead of the number of powers you have ever had.
2. Replace the power milestones with cover milestones, shard milestones, and CP milestones.