NEW Seasonal Vaults

MPQBlaine ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 139 Tile Toppler

We've got a new exciting addition to seasons in MPQ. Starting with the current PVP Season of Power, players will discover special event quests that will reward access to a special "Seasonal Vault" that will rotate every season.

Quests are separated into "Daily," "Weekly" and "Seasonal" categories. Each completed Quest will reward you with a Vault Token to the Seasonal Vault.

This month's April Seasonal Vault features a chance to acquire exciting 4-Star ascended versions of The Hulk (Indestructible) and Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) plus a treasure trove of other great rewards to increase your roster. Head over to the VAULTS section of the game to see all the available prizes and be sure to check the QUESTS tab for full details on how to acquire more Vault Tokens.



  • 4-Star Ascended - The Hulk (Indestructible)
  • 4-Star Ascended - Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)
  • 5-Star Apocalypse (Classic)
  • 5-Star Havok (Classic)
  • 5-Star Hela (Goddess of Death)
  • 5-Star Shang-Chi (Origin)
  • 4-Star Spider-Gwen (Gwen Stacy)


  • Retro Costume | Iron Man (Mark XLVI)
  • Saber Costume | Monica Rambeau (Agent of S.W.O.R.D.)
  • Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Costume | Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.)


  • Random 4-Star Covers
  • Random 3-Star Covers
  • Latest Legends Packs
  • Classic Legends Packs
  • Heroic Packs


  • Hero Points
  • ISO-8
  • Command Points