Necroko and MAGICAL GIRL PVE Event Quest

MPQBlaine ADMINISTRATORS Posts: 139 Tile Toppler

During our recent MPQ 10th Anniversary celebration, our community knocked the Quandary Challenge out of the park and triggered a vote for a costume to be earned in-game. The lethally cute Necroko came out on top as the newest costume for 4-Star Venom (Eddie Brock)!

Starting this Sunday (April 7th), head over to new MAGICAL GIRL PVE event and defeat Necroko up to 2 times per day. To earn the costume, simply beat Necroko 5 times to complete the Necroko Event Quest.

Defeat Necroko a total of 5 times in MAGICAL GIRL PVE event.

Event Time

  • April 7th - April 9th

# of Quests

  • 2 Per Day
  • 5 Total Needed for Completion