Who’s the Killer? (Coalition Event)

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“If you’re thinking only one step ahead, you’re already falling behind.”


After the Phyrexian invasion, Ravnica decides to celebrate the victory with a huge party at the Karlov mansion. Despite the celebrations, two murders of extremely important people plague the party, leaving all of Ravnica on alert.

With the deaths of Teysa Karlov and Zegana, all of Ravnica is searching for the culprit and it is up to the best detective to find answers to this terrible mystery.

Event Type: PvP, Coalition Event

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

Number of nodes: 2 nodes

Planeswalker restrictions: For each node, players may use a planeswalker with at least one of the colors of the node.

Duration: 46h

Initial Charges (per node): 6

Max Charges (per node): 6

Progression + Ranking rewards

Special Rules

Each node features a different event support spawned under no player’s control, but affecting both players.


  • Standard Version

  • Bonus Rewards Version