Release Notes 6.5.2

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What’s New


Who’s the Killer? (Coalition Event)

“If you’re thinking only one step ahead, you’re already falling behind.”


After the Phyrexian invasion, Ravnica decides to celebrate the victory with a huge party at the Karlov mansion. Despite the celebrations, two murders of extremely important people plague the party, leaving all of Ravnica on alert.

With the deaths of Teysa Karlov and Zegana, all of Ravnica is searching for the culprit and it is up to the best detective to find answers to this terrible mystery.

Event Type: PvP, Coalition Event

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

Number of nodes: 2 nodes

Planeswalker restrictions: For each node, players may use a planeswalker with at least one of the colors of the node.

Duration: 46h

Initial Charges (per node): 6

Max Charges (per node): 6

Progression + Ranking rewards

Special Rules

Each node features a different event support spawned under no player’s control, but affecting both players.

Leyline Dominion

“You must have known all those lies would catch up to you eventually.”

With the murders occurring on Ravnica all guilds and agencies decided to send their detectives in search of solutions. The incessant search for clues creates rivalry between the detectives themselves. Whoever gets to the killer first will receive the many rewards for not letting the criminal get away with it.

Event Type: PvP

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

Number of nodes: 1 node

Planeswalker restrictions: For each node, players may use a planeswalker with at least one of the colors of the node.

Duration: 46h

Charges (per node): 12, no recharge

Progression + Ranking rewards

Special Rules

Each node features a different event support spawned under no player’s control, but affecting both players.


Commodore Guff

Commodore Guff is a human Planeswalker that lived in a hidden library that contained all books ever written. Among these books were the ones which told the history of what would come to pass. Guff later joined the Nine Titans to combat Phyrexia, even though he knew how Phyrexia would win. He rewrote those books, changing the fate of Dominaria.

  • Ability 1 - Meddling With Fate (Max. Level)
    Pick 2 of the first 4 cards from your library. Fetch those cards. Then: Reduce the cost of each Vanguard card in your hand by 6.

  • Ability 2 - Library Staff (Max. Level)

    Create 8 Red Wizard Tokens.

    • Red Wizard


      Creature - Detective Wizard

      Activate 2 Red: Convert X gems to Red. X is this creature's power.


  • Ability 3 - Titans’ Might (Max. Level)
    Your non-Simple supports gain 4 shield. This effect can affect Vanguard Supports. Deal X damage to each opposing creature. X is the sum of the shields of all supports you control. You may activate Vanguard abilities again this turn.

Vraska, Betrayal’s Sting

Vraska is a Gorgon planeswalker from Ravnica. By the machinations of Nicol Bolas, the former Golgari Swarm leader was an opponent during the War of the Spark, but due to her relationship with Jace she defected from it and fought against the dragon. Later, in the attempt to thwart the Phyrexian invasion of the multiverse, she was caught by the phyrexians and was Compleated.

  • Passive Ability - Glistening Death
    When a creature dies: That card gains the Phyrexianized emblem. When a Phyrexian Creature enters the battlefield under your control: That creature gets +X/+X and gains Deathtouch and First Strike until the beginning of your next turn. X is the number of Creatures with the Phyrexianized emblem in all graveyards.

  • Ability 1 - Oiled Incubation (Max. Level)
    Draw 4 cards. Each Creature card in your hand gains the Phyrexian Subtype. Creature cards in your hand gain X mana. X is the number of creatures with the Phyrexianized emblem in all graveyards.

  • Ability 2 - Phyresis Touch (Max. Level)
    Destroy target Creature. Then: Create 6 Gold Tokens.

  • Ability 3 - For the Glory of Phyrexia! (Max. Level)
    Create 4 Phyrexian Embrace Tokens.

    • Phyrexian Embrace


      Support Card - Phyrexian (4)

      When this support enters the board: Opposing creatures gain Imminent Death.

      At the beginning of your turn: Exile the first creature with the Phyrexianized Emblem from the opponent’s graveyard. If you do: Create a copy of that creature under your control. That copy gains the Phyrexian subtype. Then: Reinforce it X times. X is the number of creatures with the Phyrexianized Emblem in all graveyards.


This release features seven new Vanguards:

They can be obtained through the MKM Vanguard packs, which will be available in the Vault for the first time just after the release. After this, they’ll be added to the normal Vanguard rotation.

Quality of Life Improvements

Yes, they’re here!

In-game language selection: Now you can find a language selection option on the Settings menu, so you can choose your game language independently from the one used for your system. Just find your preferred language, click ‘Apply’, restart the game and enjoy.

No duplicate cards within the same booster: You will not be able to obtain repeated cards within the same 3 or 5 card pack. Please note that you can still obtain the same card more than once out of multiple card packs “bundled together”, such as in Super Packs and Premium Packs.

Card Finder: You can now sort cards by Mana Cost, Card Name, Power and Toughness. You can also filter Standard and New cards, as well as Non-Mastered and Full Art cards. These characteristics and colors also can be excluded from your search by clicking on them again. Finally, we’ve sorted sets starting with the most recent ones.

Private Coalitions: Due to the complexity of this item, implementation was moved to a future date, so as not to compromise the release of the new content tied to 6.5.3. Instead the following Quality of life was implemented:

Legacy Visual Indicator: Now Legacy cards show a blue and tattered ribbon for their mana costs.

Revamping Full Mana x Stored Mana interactions: Due to the scope of this change and the time required to validate that no unintended interactions are created, this change will be implemented with the next large patch, which will be the last patch before the release of Outlaws of Thunder Junction. Additionally, cards that have similar types of additional mana costs, such as the ones with the Cleave and Awaken mechanics, will also be affected by this change. More information about this will be present in the release notes for this upcoming version.


Events and Products

  • Fixed: One of the Standard Weekly Bundle missing its LCI Booster Packs contents.
  • Fixed: Objective Identity from Rise of Adventure presenting incorrect description in all languages but English.


  • Fixed: Cards that refer to Simple Tokens missing hint.
  • Fixed: Visual effects for Case cards temporarily appearing on other gems after original support is destroyed.
  • Fixed: Case cards having its art flattened when opened from MKM Packs.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Fixed: Interactions between cards with the Seed mechanic, such as Khalni Garden, causing the game to go into a soft lock.
  • Fixed: Triumphant Chomp assigning damage equal to the number of dinosaurs on the battlefield instead of their total power.
  • Fixed: VG Angrath, Minotaur Pirate assigning damage based on target creature’s base power instead of its total power.
  • Fixed: Virtue of Knowledge creating copies with the incorrect toughness.
  • Fixed: Ruby, Daring Tracker not converting gems after attacking.
  • Fixed: Subterranean Schooner not triggering when it enters the battlefield due to Saheeli Rai's 3rd ability.
  • Fixed: Archive Dragon’s Ward ability automatically draining mana instead of presenting the prompt with the option to accept or decline paying for it.
  • Fixed: Blossoming Tortoise triggering when Land Creatures enter the battlefield under opponent’s control.
  • Fixed: Chimil, the Inner Sun stopping its controller from draining mana from their own hand for the different effect of the following cards:

    • Arms Race, Arms Race, Ashnod, Flesh Mechanist, Balthor the Defiled, Battlefield Butcher, Blight Pile, Boneyard Mycodrax, Call the Coppercoats, Combat Courier, Containment Construct, Coral Colony, Cult Conscript, Desperate Stand, Drafna, Founder of Lat-nam, Eerie Soultender, Escape Protocol, Expendable Lackey, Ezuri, Stalker of Spheres, Glory, Go-Shintai of Ancient Wars, Go-Shintai of Boundless Vigor, Go-Shintai of Hidden Cruelty, Go-Shintai of Lost Wisdom, Heavyweight Demolisher, Icewrought Sentry, Idol of Endurance, Illustrious Historian, In the Trenches, Incubation Sac, Krovod Haunch, Leaf-Crowned Visionary, Lightning Phoenix, Merry Bards, Minsc, Beloved Ranger, Old-Growth Troll, Omen Hawker, Phoenix Chick, Placid Rottentail, Primal Adversary, Reborn Hero, Reflective Golem, Replication Specialist, Rona, Sheoldred's Faithful, Rootwire Amalgam, Sanguine Spy, Savai Thunderman, Seraphic Greatsword, Serra Paragon, Shadow-Rite Priest, Spirit Cairn, Squee, Dubious Monarch, Tainted Adversary, Tenacious Underdog, The Raven Man, The Reality Chip, The World Tree, Thousand Moons Crackshot, Trailblazing Historian, Transmogrant Altar, Twinflame, Tyrite Sanctum, Valiant Veteran, Verazol, the Split Current, Vodalian Hexcatcher, Vorinclex, Xerex Strobe-Knight
  • Fixed: Illicit Masquerade missing its artwork in Cards menu.

  • Fixed: Ugin, the Ineffable assigned the wrong gender in his descriptive text.
  • Fixed: Ego Drain with incorrect text in English.
  • Fixed: Alquist Proft, Master Sleuth with incorrect text in German.
  • Fixed: Convenient Target with incorrect text in Japanese.