Boss event loaners

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I noticed there's no 5* loaner for the golden oldie matches (there are in the side nodes) I asked in discord and ice said it was a "Purposeful minor tweak, seeing how it runs."

I'm really not liking this lack of a 5* though. I have a new alt account and the boss event is painful starting around round 4. 5 is very hard and takes forever, and 6 is basically impossible without insane luck.

It doesn't help that the loaner 4s are a bad matchup. Emma's repeater is nice, but very easy to get destroyed with May making yellows. Jean's can't stun on a match-5, and all of their powers are expensive.

Please bring back the loaner 5s, it's not like it's going to make everyone suddenly top 25 contenders or anything. It just lets new accounts/people actually stand a chance. Last boss event Odin was the loaner 5 and he wasn't great either, but he had better health and match damage so you could possibly stand a chance without getting super lucky with AP.


  • KGB
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    Are you talking about the heroic side or the unlimited side?

    What characters does your alt account have to use?


  • bluewolf
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    Obviously it’s nice to let smaller /newer accounts contribute using loaners where before they had that, many players got scaled out of contributing.

    But you can see how the devs might want to try to scale back “free” progress in hopes players feel the need to spend/build their own roster.

    I think they should give us more heads up on the boost list/required characters if this will continue, however.

  • Seph1roth5
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    Neither side has 5* loaners for the boss fight itself. Just jean/emma/magik 4*. My alt account is fairly new, nothing really great. If anything the magik I have at ~3 covers is bad because I accidentally bring her instead lol. Other than that, 1s and 2s with a chunk of covers, couple 3s, couple 4s.