MPQ Developer Q&A March 2024 (QUESTIONS)

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It's time for our monthly Developer Q & A with the team behind Marvel Puzzle Quest!

We always look forward to addressing community feedback so please feel free to share with us your thoughts and suggestions. To help with our workflow, please be mindful of the following rules.

March Developer Q&A Google Form:

  1. Max 1 Question:
    To ensure that we're able to answer as many questions as possible, questions are limited to 1 per player and a maximum of 250 characters.
  2. Copy Questions to original Q&A thread:
    To avoid duplicate questions, we kindly ask that you post your question to our Q&A forum thread to display them publicly for others to see here.
  3. Deadline to submit questions:
    12pm PST/8pm BST on March 29th.
  4. Answers posted:
    Week of April 8th


  • TFrame
    TFrame Posts: 9 Just Dropped In

    Why have the 5* weekly boost lists been on the exact same cycle since anniversary and are there plans to mix them up more?

  • Hammer3001
    Hammer3001 Posts: 99 Match Maker

    Are you going to create new PVE’s based on classic/modern comic stories such as Days of Future Past or AVX?

  • Seph1roth5
    Seph1roth5 Posts: 363 Mover and Shaker

    It feels like many of the 5* since Omega Red have been lackluster. Is there any chance you guys are going to redo the power budget for 5s? Many 4* kits are much more interesting and we'd love them on a 5 without taking months/years to ascend.

  • UnityGamer
    UnityGamer Posts: 32 Just Dropped In

    You have many variants of the same character, each with its own star value. How do you determine its star value: by costume, abilities, cover source? In other words, what makes a variant a 1-star vs. 5-star, possibly an alternate costume?

  • mdreyer93
    mdreyer93 Posts: 144 Tile Toppler

    With the iso-8 desert expanding for many players due to ascension and the 3/5-4 release schedule, what solutions or adjustments to the game economy has the team considered? Maybe expanding LRs to at least M-F & more frequent 2x iso?.

  • Carnifex
    Carnifex Posts: 102 Tile Toppler

    Is there a reason why some PVE events have been run multiple times in quick succession over the last couple of months? E.g. Cosmic Chaos. Since the return of the 7 days PVE, they have only been ran once? Will this formula be mixed up soon? Thanks :)

  • Tony_Foot
    Tony_Foot Posts: 1,711 Chairperson of the Boards

    When I select fights in PvP I cannot see the stats of these new boosted ascended characters so going into a match is a complete unknown. Can you fix this so I can view how hard I’m going to be hit before starting the match?

  • turbomoose
    turbomoose Posts: 765 Critical Contributor

    With the ascended character now making loads of new 4s and 5s the SCL system could do with updating. Are there plans to change this soon SCL 10 must be getting overloaded now as it’s been years since a new SCL was introduced

  • Mr_F
    Mr_F Posts: 712 Critical Contributor

    Can we have a feature to lock essential character? Like when I want to use loaner I pick it and it stays every fight till I change it manually.

  • dianetics
    dianetics Posts: 1,402 Chairperson of the Boards

    Implanted Bomb is a really cool and interesting support.
    How many times has it downed the villain it is equipped to since its release?

    ** I can't fill out the google for so can someone post the question for me?

  • Codex
    Codex Posts: 216 Tile Toppler

    Can you consider reducing the cooldown timers for team-up by at least 50%?

  • ThisisClemFandango
    ThisisClemFandango Posts: 651 Critical Contributor

    @dianetics said:
    Implanted Bomb is a really cool and interesting support.
    How many times has it downed the villain it is equipped to since its release?

    ** I can't fill out the google for so can someone post the question for me?

    Posted it for you buddy

    NMANOZ1 Posts: 108 Tile Toppler

    Can we get more ascended character offers and in vaults (like 2 and 3 stars ascended to 4 stars) like when you released each batch of ascendable characters?

  • ElReyFelix
    ElReyFelix Posts: 102 Tile Toppler

    When will the Phoenix Five be completed with the release of 5* Namor?

  • Scofie
    Scofie GLOBAL_MODERATORS Posts: 1,129 Chairperson of the Boards

    Are there immediate plans to update the rewards for both the S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator and Season rewards. At the moment, I can finish in the 11th percentile of a 28 day session and get 3 tokens and 45HP and some R/Iso. Sim rewards also not comparable.

  • Zalasta
    Zalasta Posts: 269 Mover and Shaker

    Have you considered doing weekly character boosts by affiliation, or some other method that might provide better synergy between boosted characters?

  • illusionist_KA
    illusionist_KA Posts: 137 Tile Toppler

    Ascension destroyed the sanctity the game. A 1* character is now more powerful than a 5* character. Will we stop getting overly comlplicated powerset 5* characters that requires a bible to translate? Will you now consider lowering the boost levels?

  • HowDoIUnlockBatman
    HowDoIUnlockBatman Posts: 44 Just Dropped In

    To be fair. If you're using a bible to translate stuff then I'd imagine everything is overly complicated.

  • ThisisClemFandango
    ThisisClemFandango Posts: 651 Critical Contributor

    Bibles are notoriously hard to translate and are also easily misunderstood.

  • kenbenobi
    kenbenobi Posts: 1 Just Dropped In

    Can you set the default 3-characters before starting a battle to be event-specific? For instance, when I go into PVP, I don't want to see the 3 characters I just used in DDQ or PVE. I want to see the 3 characters I last used in PVP.

    You could even take it a step further, and keep the defaults separate for each individual event (Simulator vs PVP1 vs PVP2). I can't tell you the number of times I started a battle in Simulator, with the required PVP character in the center by mistake.

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