Patch Notes

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Release Date: 03/07/2024


  • Changed: Revolving Planeswalk now gives all charges upfront, with no recharge time. Each node has 8 charges.
  • Changed: Rising Tensions now gives all charges upfront, with no recharge time. Each node has 6 charges.
  • Fixed: Barbed Servitor not calculating correctly the Opponent's highest Mana Bonus for its 'Loses Life' trigger.
  • Fixed: Echoing Deeps bringing land to hand instead of to the board.
  • Fixed: Endless Detour missing text when returning a card from the graveyard to opponent’s library.
  • Fixed: Some Fblthp Bundles not being displayed correctly.
  • Fixed: The banner for MKM Vanguard Boosters showing up after the release of update 6.5.0 (MKM Vanguards will be released later).
  • Fixed: Some 6.5.0 VIP Non-duplicate Boosters issuing duplicate cards.
  • Fixed: In multiple events, Aggressive objective counting supports being created instead of only those that were cast.
  • Fixed: Life Insurance’s is now causing life loss instead of dealing damage (it will now trigger effects that interact with life loss, such as Ob Nixilis, Captive Kingpin).
  • Fixed: Kylox, Visionary Inventor sending only 1 card to the graveyard instead of an amount equal to the target creature’s power after the reinforcement is removed.
  • Fixed: Kylox, Visionary Inventor triggering at an incorrect timing.
  • Fixed: Cryptex triggering at the beginning of each turn instead of only at the beginning of its controller’s turn.
  • Fixed: Plaguecrafter causing a softlock if its controller controls no creatures with reinforcements.
  • Fixed: Star of Extinction incorrect interactions with cards that trigger with damage being dealt.
  • Fixed: Torch the Witness not triggering Chandra, Dressed to Kill’s passive ability and creatures dealing combat damage to the opponent’s planeswalker..
  • Fixed: Ill-Timed Explosion dealing incorrect amount of damage in some situations.
  • Fixed: Unintended interactions between City on Fire, Ill-Timed Explosion and Torch the Witness.