Release Notes - 6.5.0 (RELEASED! -UPDATED 03/05/24)

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Release Date: 03/05/24

Gallery of Cards:

What’s New

New Mechanics


Cards with Disguise are split creature cards with a numbered evergreen. One of those sides is the Cloaked side, and the other is the front facing side. Players can play either side.

The Cloaked side of all creatures with disguise has a 5 mana cost, with Ward 6. If cast using its cloaked side, the creature enters the battlefield as a 2/2 creature named Cloak, no color, the “Cloaked” subtype and Ward 6. While on the battlefield, the cloaked creature has the instruction of how much mana the controlling player must drain from their hand to “Reveal” that creature, that is, turning it to its Front side. When a creature is Revealed, it can trigger an additional effect.


“This creature can be cast with the Cloaked side. Once on the battlefield, you may activate the Disguise ability to drain mana from your hand, reveal the card to the Normal side, and activate any Disguise effects.”

Card example

“Creature - Cloake
Cloaked side
Ward (6): Drain 6 mana from your opponent’s hand.


An example of the Disguise Evergreen Icon is:


Case is a new subtype of Support that has two distinct abilities, one when the case enters the battlefield and one after certain criteria are met.

At the end of the player’s turn, if the criteria has been met, the Case becomes Solved and the next ability will take effect.

The solving criteria will be listed like this:

To solve — Condition; (If unsolved, solve at the beginning of your end step.)

The Case Icon is:


Simple is a new subtype of cards, exclusive to MtG:PQ. Token cards in MtG:PQ have a huge variety: commonly used tokens as Food or Treasures. We needed a way to interact only with the ‘simple’ tokens, to not hurt the specifics of cards that use supports to create their effects.
These are the cards that will receive the ‘simple’ subtype for now: the 4 Treasures of the XLN set; Gold; Blood; Clue; Map; Food. This subtype will not be displayed on those tokens.

The Simple hint is:

Simple tokens are Treasure, Gold, Blood, Map, Clue and Food tokens.”

Collect Evidence

Collect Evidence is a numbered evergreen with an activated effect. When asked to ‘Collect Evidence’, the player will have to exile a number of Simple Tokens they control on the board to activate the effect.

The hint for Collect Evidence is:

“To collect evidence, exile the amount of simple tokens you control equivalent to this card’s collect evidence number. Simple tokens are Treasure, Gold, Blood, Map, Clue and Food tokens.”

One important detail: these tokens will be exiled at random. You don't get to choose which ones will be exiled.

An example of the Collect Evidence Evergreen Icon is:


Suspect is a new evergreen that grants the abilities from two other previously existing evergreens. When a creature becomes a suspect, it gains “Menace” and “Can’t Block”.

Note that the reverse is not true. A creature that has both “Can’t Block” and “Menace” due to some other effect doesn’t gain Suspect, and if an effect removes Menace from a creature, it won’t remove Suspect.

“This Creature has Menace and Can’t Block”

The Suspect Icon is:

New Planeswalkers

Kaya, Spirits’ Justice

Kaya is a human planeswalker born on Tovalda. During the new Phyrexian invasion, Kaya - who was the leader of the Orzhov Syndicate - was deposed by Teysa Karlov. After the Murder of Teysa and Zeganna, Kaya begins her own investigation on the matter.

Her strategies revolve around

  • Sending cards from graveyard to exile while gaining mana and loyalty;
  • Token generation with strategic giving Suspect to opponent creatures while gaining life;
  • Makes her spirits more powerful while mining opponents' resources.


  • Incorporeal Investigation (Max Level)

    Surveil 2. Exile the card with the greatest mana cost from your graveyard. Then: Gain X mana. X is half of that card’s mana value, rounded down. Gain Y loyalty. Y is the number of cards in your exile.

  • Ethereal Witnesses (Max Level)

    You gain 24 life. Each opposing creature gains Suspect. Create 5 White and Black Spirit Tokens. Then: Spirit creatures you control gain Prevent Damage until the beginning of your next turn.

    • White and Black Spirit Token
      Creature - Spirit
  • Ghostly Punishment (Max Level)

    Reinforce your Spirit creatures X time(s). X is 3 plus the number of opposing creatures with Suspect. Exile each opposing creature. Then: Create Y White and Black Spirit Tokens. Y is the greatest power among the creatures exiled this way.

Ugin, the Ineffable

Ugin is a Dragon Spirit planeswalker which for millenia had an ongoing war with his twin brother Nicol Bolas. During the War of the Spark, Ugin, with the help of many others, managed to trap his twin brother into the Meditation Realm and now watches over his prison.

His strategies revolve around:

  • Setups sending cards from library to exile and boosting Loyalty bonus;
  • Token generation that gives back exiled cards;
  • Control the board by removing all colored cards while damaging the opponent when the loyalty gems are matched.


  • Elder Insight (Max level)

    Exile the top 4 cards of your library. Increase your Loyalty bonus by 3 and all your other Mana bonuses by 1. These bonuses can’t be raised by this ability more than 3 times. Then: Gain X mana. X is equal to your Loyalty bonus.

  • Rendezvous of Spirits (Max Level)

    Move the first 3 cards from your exile to your hand. Create 4 Colorless Spirit Tokens. Your Spirit creature tokens gain Defender and Flying.

    • Colorless Spirit
      Creature - Spirit token
      When this creature dies: Return your first exiled card to your hand.
  • Imprisonment on Meditation Realm (Max Level)

    Exile all colored cards. This effect can affect Vanguard Supports. Create a Spirit-Gem token. Gain an extra swap.

    • Spirit-Gem
      Support - Artifact
      Shield 5 [Can’t Be Reinforced]
      When you match a Loyalty gem by swap: Convert 3 gems to Loyalty gems. When you activate a loyalty ability for the first time during your turn: Your opponent loses life equal to their highest mana bonus.


Following the Clues

“All will soon be made clear, but I can give you this: our killer is here with us, in this very room.”

—Alquist Proft

Due to recent events, the agencies decided to send their best detectives onto the streets, beginning a fierce hunt for culprits. From now on, every citizen of Ravnica becomes a suspect, and the detectives will do everything they can to close in on the culprit.

Event Type: PvP

No entry fee

Deck Restrictions: Standard

No Planeswalker restrictions

Number of nodes: 2

Duration: 46h

Recharge Time: 0h

Initial Charges (per node): 6

Max Charges (per node): 6

Progression rewards

Special Rules

Each node features a different event support spawned for the players. Once you choose a node, you’ll battle against players who selected the other node.

The supports are and Detectives (top node) and Suspects (bottom node):

(For the complete event notes, check our Event Details forum.)

New Products

Completing a collection or acquiring that coveted chase vanguard card can be hard sometimes, so we’ll give you a little help. Epic Packs are an experimental product being introduced with this update to add a new way for players to hunt down those last desired cards for the set. We’ll be monitoring how this pack will impact the economy closely.

Each Epic pack contains 1 non-duplicate card with rarity Rare or higher from its respective set, including the vanguards from that set.

With the release of 6.5.0, these will be offered in two ways.

The LCI Epic Booster Pack will cost 350 Mana Crystals and will be available to all players:

And for those VIP players who want something extra, we’ll also offer Epic Pack Bundles. These bundles come with an Epic Booster Pack and 10 Mana Jewels. The LCI Epic Pack Bundle will cost 9,99 USD.

We have also boosted Specialist Packs: they now have new contents and an updated price.

  • Before the change: Specialist Packs contained one color-specific Booster Pack and 3 selected cards (one Common, one Uncommon and one Rare). They used to cost 5,99 USD.
  • After the change: Specialist Packs now contain one color-specific Booster Pack, 2 Super Packs and 3 selected cards (two Uncommon and one Rare). They now cost 14,99 USD.

Changes and Fixes


  • Changed: Colors of Magic will now reward packs of the newest set (Rank Rewards still contain PMA packs).
  • Changed: Planechasing Fblthp will now reward packs of the newest set.
  • Changed: The following Coalition events will now provide all of its charges upfront:

    • Titanomachy
    • Hunter X Bonder
    • The Kamigawa Run
    • Family Business
    • Break the Powerstone
    • Of Machine and Freedom
    • The Harvesttide
    • Doomskar Claimants
    • Rise of Adventure
    • Matrimonium
  • Changed: The following events will now provide all of its charges upfront:

    • Colors of Magic
    • Fateful Showdown
    • Duets of Mana - Tears and Memories
    • Tour de Ravnica
    • You've Found an Entrance
    • Duets of Mana - Spite and Martyrdom
    • Battle From the Ages
    • Face the Hydra
    • Into The Wilds of Eldraine
    • Skoti Bloodline
    • Nodes of Power
    • Emergency Ordinances
    • Trial of Ambition
    • Lost in Caverns of Ixalan
    • Fate is rarely fair
    • Rising Tensions
    • The Colossal Tussle
    • Seize the Day
    • Emrakul's Corruption
  • Fixed: Mana Wheel support in Colors of Magic only applying Blue and Green effects to creatures.

    (With this fix, Colors of Magic is back on rotation.)

  • Fixed: Doomskar Claimants matching players from different nodes.

    (With this fix, Doomskar Claimants is back on rotation.)

  • Fixed: Party objective in Rise of Adventure not becoming complete when a player fulfills its requirements.

    (With this fix, Rise of Adventure is back on rotation.)

  • Fixed: Colors of Magic displaying text overlapping Booster Pack image in Ranking Rewards.

  • Fixed: Colors of Magic’s Pack rewards appear overlaid by a black square on the Progression Rewards bar.
  • Fixed: Colors of Magic displaying incomplete Event Rules in Spanish.

Cards and Planeswalkers

  • Changed: Wrenn and Realmbreaker’s Rich Soil text so that now it’s clear that Vanguard supports will not be reinforced by it. (This is a text change only. This token’s behavior was already as intended.)

    • Before the change: “Reinforce that card X times. If that is a Creature card - It gains haste until the end of turn. X is the number of Land cards you control, including their reinforcements.”
    • After the change: “Reinforce that card X times. If that is a Creature card - It gains haste until the end of turn. X is the number of Land cards you control, including their reinforcements. If that is a Vanguard card — That card is not reinforced.
  • Fixed: Mana Crypt not triggering its Mana Field effect if the first card in player’s hand already has Mana (it will now finally add the mana to the next card without mana).

  • Fixed: Greg targeting preferably their own creature with Runaway Boulder.
  • Fixed: Titania's Command not exiling opponent's Graveyard.
  • Fixed: Softlock happening when Wrenn and Seven’s Symbiosis ability tries to convert a Crystalized Gem. (thanks, Julie!)
  • Fixed: Sandswirl Wanderglyph not stopping opponent’s Planeswalker Loyalty abilities.
  • Fixed: Expel the Interlopers considering the base power of the target creature instead of considering modifications.
  • Fixed: Deeproot Pilgrimage not triggering when the attacking Merfolk creature is not its own token.
  • Fixed: Authority Of The Consuls disabling ‘Enters the battlefield’ abilities, which breaks the game’s trigger priority rules.
  • Fixed: Chimil, the Inner Sun stopping a player from draining their own mana.
  • Fixed: Cosmium Confluence’s text stating that it may destroy any opposing Enchantment, while it’s only possible to destroy Enchantment Creatures.

    • Before the change: “At the beginning of your turn: If you control a Cave card — Create 1 Green Elemental Token. Then you may destroy target opposing Enchantment.”
    • After the change: “At the beginning of your turn: If you control a Cave card — Create a Green Elemental Token. Then: You may destroy target opposing Enchantment Creature.”
  • Fixed: Expel the Interlopers considering the base power of the targeted creature instead of its total power. (It still considers the base power for the creatures to be destroyed, as it should.)

  • Fixed: Elusive Otter’s Prowess ability working only when there is an opponent's creature on the field.
  • Fixed: Chill of the Grave’s Disable effect ending at the end of turn instead of at the end of next turn.


  • Fixed: Shield counters appearing as Oil Counters (this fix is only cosmetic, no impact in functionality was made).
  • Fixed: Gems being displayed in incorrect positions while cascading after a match.
  • Updated: Half-mana and Colorless PWs vs Gem Colors and Conversion at the Gallery of Rules and Definitions.