Training Montage Community Challenge 2024

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Every Super Hero needs a good old-fashioned training montage to become truly great. We decided the time has come for you to start your own leveling adventure with an all-new Community Challenge!

Progress Dashboard

Training Montage Challenge:

Earn 10 Million Montage points by training your heroes! Points can be earned by executing any of the following actions:

  • Leveling UP
  • Adding Covers
  • Championing
  • Max Championing
  • Ascending


  • February 22 at 12am PST - March 6 at 11:59pm PST

In-Game Boosts:

  • Double ISO during the challenge.
  • increased opportunities to recruit 2* Nightcrawler.
  • Chain Event Quests rewarding ISO.


Tier 1: 1M Points Earned

  • 10,000 Iso-8
  • 5000 Red Iso-8
  • 3 Star: Magneto (Classic) Yellow, Red, Blue cover
  • Rank 1: Stepford Cuckoos Support

Tier 2: 2M Points Earned

  • 10,000 Iso-8
  • 5000 Red Iso-8
  • 3 Star: Emma Frost (New X-Men) Yellow, Blue, Purple cover
  • Rank 1: Lockheed Support

Tier 3: 4.5M Points Earned

  • 10,000 Iso-8
  • 5000 Red Iso-8
  • 4 Star: Cyclops (Classic) Yellow Cover
  • Rank 2: Krakoa Support

Tier 4: 7M Points Earned

  • 10,000 Iso-8
  • 5000 Red Iso-8
  • 4 Star: Nightcrawler (Classic) Purple cover
  • 200 Shards 5 Star: Storm (Ororo Munroe)
  • Rank 2: Hellfire Club Support

Tier 5: 10M Points Earned

  • 50,000 Iso-8
  • 25000 Red Iso-8
  • 200 Shards 5 Star: Professor X (Classic)
  • Rank 4: The Blackbird (X-Jet)

Race to 100

With the return of 2-Stars, we wanted to provide a small side challenge for our more experienced players to take part in. Get ready to head off to the races to see who can introduce Nightcrawler (Uncanny Spider-Man) to our Champs 2.0 feature the fastest!

*Separate from the main Training Montage Community Challenge, but still contributing points to the wider challenge.


Ascend the new 2-Star Nightcrawler (Uncanny Spider-Man) to 5-Star status!


  • February 22 at 12am PST - March 6 at 11:59pm PST


The first 100 players to complete their Training Montage with Nightcrawler will earn the following:

  • Rank 3: Reality Stone
  • Ascended 2 Star: Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men) -> 4*
  • 100,000 Iso-8
  • 50,000 Red Iso-8


Nightcrawler Questions:

1. Did Nightcrawler (Uncanny Spider-Man) 2* replace the normal 4* release coming on Feb 22nd?
Yes. Our main release cadence will still be every two weeks with the regular rotation of 4-Stars followed by 3/5-Star characters but will feature a 2-Star release in lieu of a 4-Star periodically. We currently don’t have plans to consistently release 2-Star characters as a regular

2. Will Nightcrawler be getting his own PVP event? If so, will it join the regular rotation of PVP events?
Yes to both questions. His event titled Webs and Shadows is planned on 02/25/24 - 02/28/24 and will also be put into the regular PVP rotation. We’re trying something different with this PVP too; Nightcrawler will be available as an Ascended 4-Star loaner for this PVP event. On the one hand, this makes him more usable in teams at about any SCL. On the other, it means that it’s almost certain that just about every Nightcrawler you face is going to be a loaner instead of one that someone has built up quickly. We’ll see how it goes!

3. Will SCL 10 events get 2-Star covers since they aren’t typically featured in either progression or placement rewards?
All SCL levels will have opportunities to get Nightcrawler. 2-Stars in general are designed to be relatively easily obtainable, and the rewards in the release event(s) will reflect that. We’re not going to be taking away from 3/4/5 reward cadence to do this, as that would then put a hitch in required characters for subsequent events, so the reward schedule is largely parallel.

4. What mechanics are in place for increased ways to acquire Nightcrawler (Uncanny Spider-Man) 2?
Mostly answered above, but think tokens to Cover Pack/Vaults that contain the 2-Star and related stuff that is put in in addition to the “standard” items you’d see in an event.

Training Montage Community Challenge 2024

1. How are points tallied for the Training Montage per activity?
Total points for the community challenge will be cumulative so unlocking Tier 1 will automatically continue counting towards the next tier without resetting the total.

2. How many points is each Training Montage activity worth?
Each action taken is worth a certain amount of points towards completion. These actions are all weighted so that they all would make up an equal amount of player activity (meaning that we’re expecting players to level up characters roughly 50 times as often as they Ascend them). So points are added according to that ratio. There’s then a little magic formula to make the overall points add up to an “even” 10 million instead of being some random number that raw data would normally provide. The overall basic ratios are:

Approximate Point Ratios

  • Ability Covers: 1
  • Standard Levels: 2
  • Character Championed: 15
  • Character Max Champed: 40
  • Character Ascended: 50

3. What is the duration of the Race to 100?
The same as the main Training Montage challenge.
February 22 at 12am PST - March 6 at 11:59pm PST

4. Are the rewards for the Training Montage event cumulative, or based on the highest tier unlocked? If cumulative, does the total reset after each reward?
The point totals will not reset, and are cumulative. If the community reaches 10 million Training Montage points, all 5 rewards will be given.

5. Why does the community challenge end on March 6th? If it extended even 1 more day, there would be a lot of points earned from people opening Legendary Tokens at the start of the season.

That’s a very keen observation, but it wasn’t our original intent since this challenge was focused around Nightcrawler (Uncanny Spider-Man) 2* and we wanted to keep all activities around this challenge within that to keep the focus on him.

That being said, the points totals were created based on data for player activities during that normal timeframe, so IF we were to end it later, the activities that take place after token/Legendary changes would ALSO have been taken into account, changing the overall math. We hope players enjoy this new community activity and definitely send us feedback so we can continue to evolve and improve