Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#411: The 411 on Victor

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Puzzle Warriors 3 - Ep#411: The 411 on Victor



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    Topic A: Gorr (from a couple weeks ago)

    I find two good use cases for Gorr.

    1) Since he converts special tiles to basic tiles when a bunch are created, he’s good for kneecapping Grocket and Beta Ray Bill at the start of a match.

    2) Since he has countdown tiles that are automatically created at match start and do damage every turn, he pairs very nicely with Okoye. Add in Omega Red as your third and start with +2 team-up AP, and you’re well on your way.

    Topic B: A simple explanation of ascension for Ian

    To ascend a character, you need to have 2 copies. One of those copies must be max level and the other must be at least champed. You then tap on the max level one, tap the ascend button, and choose the duplicate. They will merge into a higher-tier version of that character, which you can continue applying the normal covers to.

    So if you open your standard tokens, you should be able to start ascending your 1* pretty quickly. First get two level 50 copies of a character, combine them, and keep adding.

    Eventually you’ll get that character up to level 144 as a 2*. To ascend it further, you’ll need another 2* … which actually means getting 2 more level 50 1*. Rinse and repeat.

    As you can probably see, this can put a temporary squeeze on your roster slots while you’re leveling the duplicate.

    Topic C: Northstar
    For some reason, some 4* when ascended to 5* get not just stronger but a lot better. Agent Coulson is a good example of this, since his blue passive that triggers whenever an ally fires a power puts out not 1 countdown tile, but 5 (as a 5*).

    Northstar gets a similar boost. Since being recently reworked, his black power will send an enemy airborne and move 4-6 tiles in their second-strongest color to the top of the board. Then when they come back, he’ll send the same number to the bottom.

    As a 5* though, he’ll send 11-13 tiles to the top row. (In practice this is only 8.) So that’s a guaranteed critical and a ton of free AP. It’s pretty good.