Inti, Seneschal of the Sun is not Discovering correctly.

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When you discard a card, Inti discovers, but that card doesn't gain any mana. It then discovers a second time, and that card gets the proper amount of mana.


  • Gorthawer
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    Card: Inti, Seneschal of the Sun
    Event: Any
    System: Android
    Game version: latest updates for 07/03/2024

    Results from my observation of his skills.
    Skill text - when you discard a card: Discover 2
    -works Only when Card is discarded with his combat ability: ability triggers, discards a card triggers discovery, card is drawn, no mana given, second trigger occurs, discovery mechanic works ok, card is drawn and given half of the mana

    • DOES NOT work when discarding via planeswalker ability
      -DOES NOT work when discarding via spell draw discard ability
      -DOES NOT work when discarding via case ability
      -DOES NOT work when discarding via other creature activated by gem or triggered ability

    Some general randomness is made with trigger and give mana, especially when discard full hand effect is activated.

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    Also on both discovers it leaves the non-chosen card on top of the deck.